Ford opts out – Now What?

Graham Ford says thanks but no thanks to the BCCI on its offer to coach the Indian cricket team. What happens now? The entire affair always had the sembling of a potential disaster. This has been one of the most poorly planned exercise and deserved what it received it at the end. The BCCI, through a lackadaisical, ill-planned, shabby approach may have brought Indian cricket to an unwanted standstill. Who knows, after all this, we may end up having to hire an Indian coach. It will be embarrassing to bring Emburey back into foray, even worse to reconsider Dav Whatmore. Who knows, maybe, Arjuna Ranatunga will be approached. All in all, this is an irritant that cricketers can be better without as we approach a very tough season ahead.

– Srikanth

P.S: ESPN has taken over cricinfo, another independent reporting agency gets sucked up, so much for editorial freedom.


3 responses to “Ford opts out – Now What?

  1. sampath kumar

    How many of us would want to give up our current job and take up a new offer with just ONE YEAR of contract?
    That was what BCCI offered and Ford had no choice but reject it . Why wasn’t he offered 4 year contract until the next World Cup?

    Next appointed Coach will be able to MILK as much as he can from BCCI now!!

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