Indian Cricket loses (Ford) Focus – Who’s to blame?

Continuing with the flavor of the today and keeping Mohan’s systems approach in mind, it is worthwhile undertaking a causal analysis of a failure of this magnitude.

1. Failure of the Board – As has been consistently communicated on this site, the Board with a clear lack of vision and well defined objectives, clear description of organizational structure, roles, responsibilities and accountability framework is most certainly at the root of the problem. It is imperative that they get their act straight. This includes setting meaningful criteria (job descriptions) starting from the President. I do not believe Sharad Pawar has any role to play in the management of a sport.

2. Failure of the Selection Committee – To start with, this was not an appropriate selection committee in the first place — I am not so sure that someone like Sunil Gavaskar should even be on this committee. Secondly, assuming as Mohan says that there were no job ads created or placed, the selection committee should have refused to participate in the process in the first place. On what basis were they even evaluating the candidates? Why is the member of the selection committee even recommending a candidate? Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Again, Mohan has elaborated extensively on this issue. But it is infuriating to realize that for a such a highly paid and prestigious job, a total lack of process and formality was observed.

3. Failure of the Team Management – As Mohan has discussed in his blog, it is not rather unfortunate that there is such dependence on the captain and senior cricketers in the selection of the coach. Having said that and having experienced the previous two cases, the team management, in having pursued that approach, should take some responsibility for this failure. Where was their due diligence? Why, after having influenced the previous two selections, did they not place extra effort in managing those relationships? How credit worthy are their recommendations any more?

Are we observing symptoms of a catastrophic failure? The saving grace for Indian cricket, money, might just burn out — it is paper after all. Would someone soon realize that these are failures that should be addressed rather quickly?

It is easier to digest failures of cricketers, who at least try to give their best on the field (a majority of them at least), may win some and lose some. What we are witnessing is an absolutely disgraceful failure by a bunch of power-mongering, politically motivated, egotistic group of individuals who hold Indian cricket to ransom.

And that is totally unacceptable and intolerable.

– Srikanth


3 responses to “Indian Cricket loses (Ford) Focus – Who’s to blame?

  1. Read Prem Panicker’s blogsite, makes it even more depressing. I am hoping there is a bit of sensationalism in his writing.

  2. BCCI is creating an impression that it is doing its best.

    A one-year contract is not an enticing offer, particularly to a coach who is employed.

    This is just a tactic to appoint some BCCI lackey and make believe that he saved Indian Cricket in the nick of time.

    I suggest, that the BCCI has already decided on Mohinder Amarnath.

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