Contrast the approaches of India and Sri Lanka…

In direct contrast to the supremely arrogant, mindless and clueless manner that India adopted in selecting its coach, Sri Lanka went about their task of finding a replacement for Tom Moody in a quiet, focussed, organised and goal-oriented manner. Sri Lanka has chosen Trevor Bayliss, the current New South Wales coach after a professionally conducted search process. Sri Lanka stayed under the radar and went about their business in a quietly efficient manner.

Sri Lanka had former-cricketers on their selection panel too; cricketers who care about the future of Sri Lankan cricket. In Sidath Wettimuny, Michael Tissera, Anura Tennekoon Duleep Mendis and Aravinda de Silva, they had a brains trust that was dependable and able. They had Board administrators on the panel too; officials who care about things other than just moolah. The end result was a smart appointment.

Bayliss was a decent player for New South Wales. On retiring, he turned to coaching and took over the coaching of the NSW side when Steve Rixon left. He led NSW to triumphs in the Pura Cup and the ING cup. This was a smart appointment.

In direct contrast, we have Niranjan Shan now crying like a 5-year old whose lollies have been stolen. Unfortunately, Indian cricket is run by a bunch of guys that do not seem to know the difference between their backsides and their bent elbows.

The most shocking piece in all of this was Gavaskar’s comments when Graham Ford turned down the job. He said, “We are back to square one, that is a fact of life. I don’t know what the BCCI’s thinking is, whether it will start the process [of appointing a coach] all over again or make a short-term appointment as it did for the Bangladesh tour.

Now, what does this statement really say?

Yes. The fact is that the Butchering Cricket Committee of Idiots (BCCI) is back to square-one. And Gavaskar is indeed right — that is a fact of life! But why did this “fact of life” realisation hit the idiots-committee only post the Ford-Escape event? If the idiots-committee knew that a rejection is a “fact of life”, why did they have to send I-can-talk-more-nonsense-than-you-can-write-Niranjan-Shah to thump his chests in an arrogant and bullish manner and claim that they had appointed Graham Ford even before Ford had accepted?

But the most galling part of Gavaskar’s comments is where he says “I don’t know what the BCCI’s thinking is“. Huh? Has he absolved himself of all responsibility? Dammit! He is part of the committee that is supposed to have the answers! Why throw it back to the BCCI? The least he could have done is to say “I don’t know what our thinking is”. In that one statement he has effectively sought to absolve himself of all ownership and accountability in the selection process. Is he placing himself as part of the solution or part of the problem?

And the part where he says “whether it will start the process all over again or make a short-term appointment as it did for the Bangladesh tour” is further evidence of pointing the finger of accountability somewhere else. Clearly, the idiots-committee did not even think through a Plan-B, let alone evolve one. No wonder they adopted an ants in the pants approach to hurriedly appoint Chandu Borde, the first name that came to their collective (non)minds.

Should this man have any part in the running of Indian cricket?

And to top it all, we have Chandu Borde saying that he is not sure what is expected of him! So, we have a selection committee that has just thrown their collective hands in the air and absolved themselves of all responsibility. We have a bunch of idiots that do not have a clue but are crying foul while hiding behind their mama’s saris. And a coach-manager that does not have a clue! And all of this, just before a major, lengthy tour.


— Mohan

12 responses to “Contrast the approaches of India and Sri Lanka…

  1. Srikanth Mangalam


    You beat me to the post on this topic. Well said again! Also, if you note, the whole process was smoothly organized. Tom Moody departed on good terms and leaving Sri Lanka in an enviable position, possibly second only Australia despite what the rankings might suggest. Also, more importantly, he seemed to be one who recommended Bayliss. The selection committee couldn’t have been in a better comfort level. Despite that they evaluated at least three other candidates all of whom had reasonably good credentials (and all whom were Australians, I believe).

    I feel embarrassed, disappointed, and ashamed that the cricket team that I support (and will continue to do so till the cows come home), is run by a bunch of irresponsible jokers who should be seriously taken to task. (maybe a PIL in the offing!)

  2. Srilanka is a lot more organized about this than BCCI.

    For starters, BCCI could have invited applications for coach and come up with a short list of Indian and foreign coaches. Not sure if BCCI wanted to hear Greg Chappell or John Wright’s recommendation ? Finally, they invited 2 coaches – Ford and Emburey out of the blue and snubbed Whatmore who wanted the job badly.

    It is remarkable that Srilanka was able to “drop” a class batsman like Marvan Attapattu and select a youngster LPC Silva as a No.5 batsman, who was pretty successful. If it were India, Attapattu would not have been dropped at all.

  3. Yes agree with your Attapattu comment. Look at what’s happening to VVS Laxman! Only in India 🙂

  4. sampath kumar


    I am getting worried for your health–it is only a game, Yaar!

    Why not make Dravid, the playing Coach and Captain—at most levels of club cricket in Australia, that is what happens, when they can’t afford a non-playing coach as well. And if Dravid succeeds, then other countries will follow Indian way of doing things.

    There is always a fall back system in place–Dravid can ring a call center in Bangalore or Chennai and get the correct advice to beat the Poms!!!!–after they help me when I lose Internet connection or an ATM refuses to cough up money in Southland shopping centre!!

  5. You ask, should this man have anything to do with Indian cricket?

    My answer is no.

    All of them should have the decency to resign and leave the administration with someone else.

    It makes one yearn for Jagmohan Dalmia.

    Atleast we never faced international derison during his administration.

  6. What about “Sir” Ian Botham ?

  7. sampath kumar

    Many years ago, Ian Botham remarked—Pakistan is the last place you send your mother in law into!! I am sure he would have the same view re living in Inida–except for the pay, Kalyani beer and beef vindalooooooooo!

  8. sampath kumar

    Ooooooooooooooooooops!! Botham can’t have beef in India!!1 Make it mutton vindalooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

  9. BCCI’s cluelessness continues.

    I know we are the offensive against Laxman. What has Yuvraj done to deserve a Grade A player ?

    Has he ever played the 281 type of innings ever in his life ?

    Yuvraj is clueless when playing spin bowling. For a middle order batsman, playing spin is vital for a middle order player.

  10. gnbmdr… I have been critical, yes. Offensive, no.

    Your highly conjectures on Yuvraj are purely hypothetical. If he is given an extended run, we can see what he is capable of. In-one-match-out-the-next is not a stable position from which anyone can prove their credentials. Yuvraj can show what he is capable of once Laxman makes way… 🙂

  11. I agree that any player should be given enough chances.

    But my argument is – Tier A player means a player who has won matches for India. I do not see Yuvraj like that.

    I sincerely hope players like Suresh Raina, Venugopal Rao, … soon replace some of the players in this team.

    Sanjay Manjrekar makes a very good point – In India selection in “one-day” and “Test match” is confused.

    Kaif has been moderately successful in Tests and not so in one-day matches. But he is dropped from both versions of the game.

    Yuvraj has been a good finisher in one-days, but not in test matches.

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