Borde has been watching TV

Apparently, as part of his preparation for the tour of England, Chandu Borde has been watching the England Vs West Indies Test matches on TV and making some notes.

Great. There is hope after all! 🙂

He has observed that the ball is “swinging quite a lot”. I think we will win with timely insights like this! He thinks Kevin Pietersen and Paul Collingwood are good. He has been “following them on TV for a long time”. He has even taken the trouble, amidst his busy schedule, of making “some notes on them”. And the best insight that he has obtained is that “Andrew Strauss is also not a bad batsmen, although he’s had a lean patch of late.” And, in his view, Michael Vaughan is “injury-prone and thus susceptible to scoring less.”

Forget doing well in England. With these superb pearls of wisdom, the series is already in the bag guys!

What Ford Gate controversy? Bring it on, I say 🙂

— Mohan


4 responses to “Borde has been watching TV

  1. If watching TV and making “notes” – KP is a good batsman – are the qualifications for a plum job as the “Manager” of the India, I would assume all of us would qualify for that job.

    There are many good former Test players , Ranji trophy coaches, who would be better suited for this job. BTW, some of the former players are also a little in need of cash. One of friends was embarrassed when a former great test player requested my friend if he would kindly buy a beer for him during a test match.

    It is clear that Mumbai mafia is controlling India cricket. I feel that Pakistan is a little more organized in its search for a coach.

  2. sampath kumar

    Chandu Borde added,”cricket in general and the outfields in England, look better on colour TV than on Black and White TV , when I used to play for India”.

  3. Indiatimes threw a canard and you guys accepted it…. this was a casual interview and although a case could be made asking Borde to be more guarded and less accomodating to silly pressmen (not from the sports desk at times of india im sure), i wouldn’t read too much into it.

  4. Borde can say whatever he likes. But the point is that Dravid is the coach and Prasad and Robin are his assistants. That is the reality with which we fans can look at this tour.

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