Coach Search to resume in a fortnight

Apparently the BCCI bigwigs are busy with ICC meetings. So, the search for India’s coach resumes in a fortnight. Niranjan Shah, the BCCI Secretary said, however, that they will not be advertising the position. Shah said, “No, we won’t. There’s no need to; we will do it in our own way.”

Yes, and we all know what happened the last time they tried it that way!

— Mohan


2 responses to “Coach Search to resume in a fortnight

  1. sampath kumar


    Many years ago, author and comedian,”CHO” from Chennai produced a film in Tamil,”Mohamed-bin-Thughlak–a satire on Indian and Tamil Nadu politics. In that, Rajaji ( C Rajagopalachari) says–to the voters–” I know what is good for you–because I know that you don’t know and are incapable of knowing what is good for you !!!”

    N Shah’s reply brought back memories of that movie–I saw it in Pondicherry in 1972 before it was banned by the then CM of tamil nadu, M Karunanidhi–who incidentally is the current CM!!

    Time does stand still in some parts of India!!!

  2. great blog, yeah bcci is really screwing up right now with this coach issue

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