Indian Umpire in Elite Panel…

Suresh Shastri makes his debut as an umpire in ICC’s Elite Panel when he officiates in the first Test in Colombo between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh on Monday25 June. This will be the first Indian umpire officiating as an ICC Elite Panel umpire after a gap of 50 Test! The lase Indian Test umpire before Shastri was K. Hariharan.

The 51-year old Suresh Shastri was a left-arm spinner for Rajasthan before turning to umpiring.

The ICC Elite Panel is now:

Matches | Name (country)
174 R. E. Koertzen (RSA)
163 S. A. Bucknor (WI)
141 D. J. Harper (Aus)
131 D. B. Hair (Eng)
116 S. J. A. Taufel (Aus)
114 B. F. Bowden (NZ)
88 A. Dar (Pak)
68 B. R. Doctrove (WI)
48 M. R. Benson (Eng)
45 A. Rauf (Pak)
0 S. Shastri (Ind)

— Mohan


8 responses to “Indian Umpire in Elite Panel…

  1. Interesting! Has he EVER been an umpire in an ODI?

  2. And is Hair still in the Elite umpires’ list?

  3. Chandan

    I was also intrigued to see Hair still on the ICC webpage as an Elite umpire!

    And yes, Shastri has umpired ODIs. If memory serves me right, he has umpired 14 ODIs. Not sure where I read it though…

  4. sampath kumar


    S Shastri has done 13 ODIs first India vs Zimbabwe 1993 I think
    Last Pak vs Sri Lanka May 2007

  5. Debraj Chaudhury

    I think a correction needs to be made. Suresh Shastri was appointed to the ICC International Panel and not the Elite Panel. Also K Hariharan has never been a part of the ICC Elite Panel. He also like Shastri was appointed to the International Panel. No Indian umpire has been able to make it to the Elite Panel after S. Venkatraghavan.

  6. Debraj

    Thanks for the clarification. Much appreciated…

  7. Very right Debraj. Good knowledge!! Of late, Shastri seems to be doing some good job on field. I meanthe kind of pressure the Aussies put you under is enough to shake one’s concentration…… But Shastri seems to be doing a good job on his part. Very stable minded. Wat do u ppl feel ??

  8. B>Karuppusamy

    hi i want would be a perfect umpire of international cricket so ,I need the procedure how to join the umpire trainig courses and what are the essentials for that. thankyou you ll give better solution to me

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