Breaking News: BCCI spokesman makes sense

In a rare and rather surprising development, the BCCI have just announced that it is in the process of putting together a long term plan for India-A tours. If this report is to be believed, it is a significant achievement by the BCCI for coming out with a statement that not only makes sense but also means so much for Indian cricket if executed well.

It is something we fans have been hankering for a long time and commonsense has finally prevailed.

To put things into perspective, while countries like Sri Lanka have been having regular A tours as well as playing visiting international sides, India have not had a proper A tour since the top-end series down under a year ago. No wonder the cupboard seems bare Mr Vengsarkar!

– Vish

2 responses to “Breaking News: BCCI spokesman makes sense

  1. There’s breaking news in the title itself – BCCI actually has one and only one (the mathematical one and only one) spokesman? !!

  2. sampath kumar


    No comments so far from you on the appointment of Kapil Dev and Kiran More to the Board of rebel Indian Cricket League—and the appointment of Sandeep Patil as The Coach of ICL–players like Warne, Lara, Astle and McGrath are expected to play

    I always suspected that there is no room for Gavaskar as well as Kapil Dev at BCCI—I am sure that every recently “dropped” player from every country–including Attapattu, Shoaib, M Karthik—-Shewag!!!! etc will get their chance to earn a few US dollars!!!!

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