Gambhir unwell…

Vice captain M. S. Dhoni has done the right thing by passing on the flu-bug to Gautam Gambhir, who has been sidelined for Fridays’ second match of the “Future Cup” Series against South Africa! 🙂

Gautam Gambhir will be sorely missed from Team India (not!) 🙂

Unfortunately, Sreesanth is still unwell. However, Ranadeb Bose and Ishant Sharma have joined the team. It is likely that one of them will play in Fridays’ game.

Unfortunately, Dhoni’s initial flu-bug-transferred-outing of Agarkar wasn’t strong enough, as Agarkar’s flu lasted just one match! Agarkar is fit for Fridays’ match and may play 🙂

Likely India team:
Ganguly, Tendulkar, Uthappa, Dravid, Yuvraj, Karthik, Dhoni, Chawla, Agarkar, Zaheer, R.P.Singh

— Mohan

7 responses to “Gambhir unwell…

  1. I think we should have let Dhoni mix with the South African players too… 🙂

  2. “Vice captain M. S. Dhoni has done the right thing by passing on the flu-bug to Gautam Gambhir” sounds a bit sad……

  3. Uthappa is hopeless against moving ball. But its true that he needs a test before being discarded to work on his weakness.

    It’ll be sad if Rohit misses the game. I was thinking of playing either Karthik or Dhoni at one down.

    What say?

  4. If you look at the last 10 games (cricinfo stats), Agarkar has failed badly in only 2 high scoring games (not that it was match winning performance in the other 8).

    My point is he has’nt done too badly in recent times and in my book, he edges out RP on current form.

    In fact I am happy that he his back this game.

  5. Why are we going with 5 full time bowlers – Zaheer, RP, Ishant, Piyush Chawla and Powar ? and only 5 batsmen and a WK ? That reduces the batting depth.

    However, India has historically struggled with the 5th bowler overs – which was split between Ganguly, Yuvraj and Sachin ? Players like Mongia would help in such situations ?

    Other teams select layers like Marlon Samuels, Paul Collingwood to complete the 5th bowler quota.

  6. Nail biting finish. Great innings by Sachin. Yuvraj earned his senior player status – good bowling and batting in the clutch. Karthik provided support.

    Dhoni should not have been promoted up the order, especially when this is his first game.

  7. Ishant was too nervous yesterday. I couldn’t see a single outswinger which is so famous and which I’ve seen at U-19 level and in FC matches.

    His fielding was as embarrassing as that of Munaf. The lad has to work really hard if he wants to come into the team.

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