Good win for India

When we look at the score card a few months from now, we may not realize how close a game this was. India winning by 6 wickets with 5 balls to spare seems like an easy win. It was anything but.

After some good bowling performances at the beginning of the South African innings, India was able to restrict them to 226. India went into the game with 5 full time bowlers which was kind of baffling. I have never been a big fan of India going with 5 bowlers in test matches. But even if that could be justified to some extent, I just couldn’t understand the rationale behind playing 5 bowlers in a one day match. The funny thing is that apart from Powar, none of the regular full time bowlers completed their quota and it was left to Yuvraj and Tendulkar to complete 10 full overs. 

In India’s innings, Tendulkar let his bat do the talking and the highlight of his innings was the way he handled the short pitched stuff. He sent a strong message to his critics, who seem find  lots to  say even when Sachin scores well. In a post match interview Sachin said  –

It is their job to have opinions. When I hold a cricket bat in my hand it’s a far tougher and bigger job. That is what I will concentrate on.

Ganguly and Tendulkar added another century partnership to their tally making them the pair with the most century partnerships in ODIs. Tendulkar also completed 15000 career one day runs, which will take quite an effort to beat.

Ganguly eventually fell in the 29th over when the score was 134. Soon, there was a mini wobble with India loosing another 3 quick wickets including that of Sachin for the addition of just 8 runs. When Karthik and Yuvraj came together, they needed another 86 runs of around 17 overs and they were the last recognized batting pair. One more wicket and it could have been curtains for India.

Karthik is still highly under rated as a batsman and hopefully this good solid innings under pressure in a must win situation for India will help in silencing some of his critics too. Yuvraj finally played to his potential and in the end India seemed to win comfortably. And as I said earlier, it was anything, but that.


14 responses to “Good win for India

  1. I am very diappointed with Sachin. Him getting out at that crucial time landed the team in terrible trouble. He should play more for the team and less for himself. Ganguly was selfish, as usual. W.V.Raman and Krish Srikkanth would have done a better job. 🙂

  2. Spoken like a true Indian fan 😀

  3. i am extremely disappointed with Sachin that he chose to play an aggressive shot when he was in his 90s just so that he could tell his critics that he doesn’t care for his century. He should have played cautiously instead putting the team’s interest ahead of his!

  4. as i mentioned before, a thrilling win for india. great innings by sachin.

    ganguly 42 of 75 balls ? but for sachin’s innings, would have created a lot of problems. in my view, ganguly is the best player of spin bowling in the indian side. he would be better coming down the order in the slog overs. but the indian team would not want to change the combination that works 🙂

  5. gnbmdr, it is impossible for a leopard to change its spots even when it is convenient. I think you should stick to your normal practice! 🙂

  6. Ha Ha Ha!!!

    Nice sarcastic comments guys. Anyone mailing cricinfo on that article “time takes toll on Sachin”?

  7. Anyone mailing cricinfo on that article “time takes toll on Sachin”?

    Dileep Premachandran started his article after the 93 innings with something like “father time was put on hold” or something. Nice reminder to Andre Mc – the guy that wrote the “time taking its toll” fart.

    Writing about Sachin is a way to grab attention (kinda like farting) – and thats what sundry “macs” do anyway.

  8. I think we should just let Sachin do the talking 🙂 – with his bat

  9. Mahesh,

    Of course Sachin will do the talking. But don’t we need to remind these folls of the rubbish they’ve been writing.


    Did you still find Sachin boring to watch?

  10. hello,

    all the gloating and chest thumping 🙂 . fully understand. i shall be gracious – vintage innings by sachin, yuvraj, great bowling by zaheer and RP singh and yuvraj.

    it was a very close match until the last over and it could have gone the other way, if Yuvraj or Karthik had gotten out.

    with all the needling words 🙂

    and since i have been given the approval by mohankaus to keep the reality in check 😉 this is not the finals of WC. it is the start of the england tour.

    in my view, ganguly did not redeem himself in this match, 42 out of 75. but for Sachin’s innings, india would have been in a hole. if that innings was played by a WV Raman or Kris Srikanth, we would have heard a lot about it !! dhoni should not have come up in the order, esp. when this is his first match.

    india should use a kindler, gentler approach to groom youngsters. rohit sharma was selected for the first match and dumped for the next match. now most likely inshant sharma would be dropped for the next match. you need to give these young guys a few chances, for them to gain confidence and then possibly succeed. in contrast, kallis has very nice words about his rookie off-spinner, whom they might need for WC2011, such is the planning.

  11. Why be gracious gnbmdr. Why break a good habit 🙂

  12. I hope this innings would have shut up the likes of cricinfo, Prem Panicker etc. and their whining and moaning about Tendulkar. I hate to see it but, having been an admirer of Panicker, his cynicism of late has, to put it mildly, been disapppointing . It seems that he has an axe to grind, maybe the Tendulkar and seniors have rubbed him on the wrong side and bruised his ego.

    Anyway, what an innings it was by the the genius! The contemptuous pulls, perfect square cuts and square drives, cover drives etc., all seemed to indicate that the man means business. Some have remarked it as Tendulkar of the past, I tend to disagree. I think it looked like Tendulkar of today and maybe Tendulkar of tomorrow. It was a very refreshing innings that gave me a hope of a different kind, not the one you associate with the old Tendulkar. I would be extremely surprised if the England tour is not filled with excitement that we have never seen before. I predict that this will be a “magical mystery tour” for the fab three (Tendulkar, Dravid, and Ganguly).

  13. How about the Fab 3 – as the core of India batting – Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman – with the inclusion of elegant, classy VVS Laxman to that list.

    But as Sanjay Manjrekar points out One-day and Test teams are confused in India. Most likely Yuvraj will play in the Test team and Laxman will be the senior statesman – water guy.

    During this match, how many times, Yuvraj played and missed, and was almost clueless. But in oneday matches, this does not matter. But in tests, it does matter, where one has to build an innings.

  14. The Fab-3 is and will always be Tendulkar, Dravid and Ganguly. Laxman is a classy and wristy player who won one Test for India. Class and wrist are adjectives associated with Laxman. Unfortunately, grit, determination, will and resolve are adjectives that one associates with the Fab-3 and never with Laxman. Which is why he sits on the outer of the Fab-3. Just wrist and class aren’t enough. One’s got to put in the hard yards too. Tendulkar, even today, throws himself around on the field. The day Laxman starts doing that we may start to be convinced that he can be considered for inclusion in the “Fab” collective.

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