Dhoni not to play today?

Cricinfo in this article does not include Dhoni in India’s probable XI for the final ODI today against Soth Africa. Here are some reactions, speculative of course, about the probable team.

  • Dhoni is still unwell.
  • Indian team management thinks Gambhir would be better as SA might play the much faster Dale Steyn. Since Karthik has done well the last game, and we do need 5 bowlers, the guy to drop is Dhoni.
  • Do we need 5 bowlers? Can’t they just drop Ishanth Sharma and include Gambhir?
  • What about Uthappa?
  • Are Sreesanth & Agarkar still unwell or are they not being considered?
  • Does Cricinfo know what it is talking about? Or are they also speculating just like us?

– Sanjay

4 responses to “Dhoni not to play today?

  1. I’d go for the last option. Cricinfo doesn’t know what it is talking about. But HT in print today reported that Agarkar is still pretty weak and Sree is struggling as well, whereas Star news has a line under the news that Agarkar is available today.

    So we don’t know. I think they shouldn’t risk half fit bowlers!

  2. i just hope they play well!

  3. sampath kumar

    S pawar is trying to upstage the game and players again–he is saying now that G Ford was given a 3 year contract

    Reminds me of a couple of Tamil sayings
    –trying to hide a full ash pumpkin in a handful of rice

    –if you tell one lie, then you need 1000 lies to cover up!!!

  4. Dhoni should play, even if he does not keep wickets. 4 bowlers + Yuvraj + Sachin should be the right team. That gives an extra batsman.

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