Fixation with Tendulkar of the past…

What is this horrible fixation with “Tendulkar of the past“?

Everyone seems to want to talk about it. Everyone seems to want to write about it. Every innings of his is compared to that benchmark. Why?

Tendulkar is in the present. He is around today. He, like all of us, is an alive, breathing, living man. He is today what he is today. He is mortal. We aren’t today what we were in the past. He too is not. He is comfortable with it. Leave him be. Why do we not want to enjoy and celebrate what he is today? Why do we yearn for the Tendulkar of the past?

If we do desperately want to see Tendulkar of the past, buy a few DVDs and a DVD-player, for heavens’ sake!

— Mohan


4 responses to “Fixation with Tendulkar of the past…

  1. Nostalgia is a basic human emotion, Mohan
    It only gets stronger when you start watching Tendulkar (of old) DVDs 🙂

    I think the advice should be – “Just get over it!”

  2. Agreed Mahesh. The point I am making is that although we do need to have an occassional look at the rear-view-mirror while driving, if we continue to only look at the rear-view-mirror while driving the only likely outcome is personal grief!

    Indian fans and media should dwell on the past but also learn to celebrate the moment while also looking ahead. Why is this concept hard for the Indian fans and media to accept?

    If these guys really want to live in the past, buy a DVD of the 1998 India-Australia series and watch “Tendulkar of old” to your hearts’ content!

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  4. Well said Mohan!! I’m enjoying Tendulkar of today as much as I enjoyed him in past. His methods might have changed but the player is the same.

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