Future of Indian Cricket – I

This news clipping prompted me to suggest the introduction of a new and ongoing series on I3J3 that focuses on identifying and predicting the future stars of Indian cricket. I have briefly followed and, in some cases, watched (primarily during the Challenger series) some of the names on the side including the captain and vice-captain of the India U-19 side, Tanmay Srivastava and Ravi Jadeja, Iqbal Abdullah of Mumbai and Virat Kohli of Delhi and hope for the best for them. However, the one name that stands out on the list for other reasons is that of Abhinav Mukund. Sanjay knows more about him and his cricket and would like to request him to maybe write a line or two. I have been told  that he is an extremely talented cricketer and, of course, the son of former TN Ranji trophy player, TS Mukund. Abhinav is a left hand bat and was recently adjusted “Outstanding South Zone U-17 cricketer” and received the Ghulam Ahmed prize. I remember reading an article on rediff sometime back which talked about future stars of Indian cricket and had made a reference to Abhinav as being the find in the Cooch Behar  Trophy. Let’s hope that this young lad has an outstanding tour of Sri Lanka and a bright future ahead. Here’s also wishing the Indian team great success.

– Srikanth

4 responses to “Future of Indian Cricket – I

  1. Srikanth,

    Good series to start off. The person that I have been following with most interest — apart from Abhinav Mukund, of course — is K.P.Appanna, the young left-arm spinner from Karnataka. It is perhaps too silly to make predictions at such a young stage in ones’ development, but let me be bold and suggest that within the next 2-3 years, Appanna will play for India.

    He had a terrific series in New Zealand and took 21 wickets in 6 Ranji games last season. He is only 17 years old and, with Piyush Chawla, has been tagged with being the future of Indian spin! Piyush Chawla, Ishant Sharma, Yo Mahesh, et al were others that had good outings in New Zealand.

  2. How about finding few batsmen guys? We’re distinctly short in that department it seems!!

  3. Waiting for Sanjay’s response on Mukund!

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