India’s win – Pessimist meets the optimist

Pessimist: RP Singh bowls 6 overs for 21 runs and does not complete his spell. What was Dravid doing?

Optimist: Yuvraj Singh got 3 for 36. Otherwise SA would have scored 260 and we would have lost the match.

Pessimist: Dhoni is coming back from illness. Should he have batted ahead of Karthik?

Optimist: Dhoni has got the highest ODI average in the Indian team.

Pessimist: What is Ganguly doing at the top of the order. He cannot move his feet. He is uncomfortable against the short ball.

Optimist: Ganguly has scored 10000 runs and 20+ centuries over the last 15 years and opened the innings against all opposition most of the time.

Pessimist: 5 specialist bowlers are chosen and 7 people bowl.

Optimist:  If 8 can bowl then they will too. We need wickets.

Pessimist: After scoring 93 sparkling runs, how did Sachin manage his dismissal? His mind is just not on the game.

Optimist: As Dravid said after match, there is nothing left for Sachin to achieve in international cricket. And as Sachin said after the match, he would not mind getting out many more times in the nineties.

Pessimist: Yuvraj could have gotten out atleast 6 times in his innings. He was so lucky.

Optimist: When lady luck shines Yuvraj scores some stunning hits at the end of the innings and India win!

— Sanjay


2 responses to “India’s win – Pessimist meets the optimist

  1. I love these posts, Sanjay.

    I think rather than being opinions of two different people, it is the argument between one’s inner pessimist and inner optimist.

    I hope I didn’t sound like Freud 🙂

  2. blogesh,

    a superb comment, with a vedantic punch. We are often caught in these inner conflicts. As mentioned in Advaitha ….

    Wrt. Indian team, some of us feel that we have the right to second guess the team. You can assign labels. We also want India to win the England series and the WC 2011 🙂

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