Fantastic Victory!

The men in blue are back in business. India seems to have pulled off another splendid victory ( I say this because I was unfortunately unable to watch the game and only followed it on cricinfo). It truly was a team effort from the looks of it. Whimsical Agarkar’s performance turned in India’s favor today. Ganguly’s seam bowling certainly paid off in these conditions. The only comment that one could make about Dravid’s captaincy may have been that he underbowled Tendulkar, otherwise, he seems to have handled the shortened version well.

Tendulkar’s early departure prompted cricinfo’s “commentators” to make a strange comment about “Tendulkar finally failing in the series” (which prompted me to dash off a nasty email to them). Ganguly’s failure at the top seems a bit concerning while Dravid fought through a difficult phase in the game. I am extremely pleased at the Yuvraj has turned out in the series and with Karthik batting at seven, the Indian batting looks formidable. The ability to switch between a Gambir/Uthappa or a fifth bowler option gives India an enviable advantage.

While I am not particularly looking forward to one off game against Pakistan (I have a queasy feeling about Pakistani cricket in general, one never knows when it is real and when it is not), I can’t wait for the English tour to begin…

P.S: I am looking forward to the Optimist v Pessimist discussion from Sanjay on this game….

– Srikanth


3 responses to “Fantastic Victory!

  1. No. 3 and No.4 batting slots – should be the best players of the team. So, I wish Rahul Dravid come up No .3 and Yuvraj next. Gambhir experiment is not working. Instead, India can groom a good slogger or an all-rounder – Dinesh Mongia to bat at No. 7.

  2. Nice post Srikanth. Compare this with the Cricinfo report which only highlights Yuvraj and hardly mentions Dravid. The turning point really was the 14 run over of Kallis in which Dravid hit 3 fours.

  3. I missed the second half of the match as well, ie, India’s batting because it was too late here in India.

    Those who saw India’s batting please tell me a bit more about Yuvi-Dravid-Dhoni batting!!

    And SA had an off day in field? That sounds strange!!! Please write about few specific shots which you liked and which turned the match!!

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