South Africa loses decider – The Pessimist’s report

The Optimist is having a hangover after the celebrations last night, so here is a report from the Pessimst on how South Africa lost the match and India did not win it.

  • India was lucky to win a second toss in a row and bowl first on a wicket that eased up later in the innings.
  • Kallis made the mistake of playing the rusty Steyn in this crucial match. Definitely Philander, Langevelt or the spinner Tshabalala would have been a better choice.
  • South Africa had the worst possible day in the field in a long long time. How many catches went down. How many run out chances missed. How many fumbles in the field.
  • JP Duminy was out LBW to a ball pitched outside the leg stump. Aleem Dar also had a horrible day.
  • Yuvraj Singh again alternated between scratchy batting and good shots. Any of his scratches could have got him out.
  • Dravid after 15 years of experience forgot to ground his bat and got himself run out. Shows how Indian batsmen are still not sound on their fundamentals.
  • Kallis also erred in not bringing himself on earlier when the Indians were struggling. He should have kept Ntini for the end.
  • In the final result South Africa managed to lose a match that they really should have won.

– Sanjay

10 responses to “South Africa loses decider – The Pessimist’s report

  1. sorry guys, i know we have some ganguly fans.

    but, if you get out to ganguly there is no hope for you as a batsman – such innocuous is his bowling. ganguly is not graham gooch of late swing or mudassir nassir of reverse.

  2. How about….

    – Full strength India scraped through depleted SA (who were also without Pollock and Smith)

    – Ntini proved that Tendulkar’s two fifties were flash in the pan

  3. Can’t stop laughing!!!! 😀

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  5. Yuvraj once again proved why he was so selfish. His mother should have migrated to Tamil Nadu before her birth. Then I may have considered him to be a good player.

    Sachin made the mistake of … well, I can’t think what his mistake was. But he was wrong anyway.

    Ganguly was … I can’t think of what adjective to use. So I will use the same thing again and call him selfish. He should have not taken those two wickets and instead given an opportunity to Agarkar to take those two wickets. He always plays for himself and not for the team.

    Dravid was selfish. He got out simply.

    Karthik was great. He is from Tamil Nadu and cannot do anything wrong.

    Dhoni was selfish. He should get a hair cut.

    Agarkar batted like his backside was on fire… What? He didn’t bat? Oh ok then. He was… selfish then!

  6. No comment on the specific points 🙂 Relax my friend.

    BTW, I felt Karthik played a little selfish game in the second one-day, by scoring a single of the first ball and letting Yuvraj do the bulk of the scoring. I know these little tricks, since I have been guilty of that in my playing days 🙂

    On another topic,

    In the interview of Dilip Sardesai he has mentioned ” In many ways the money is actually harming the game today. Sponsors are even influencing team selection in their attempts to maximise their returns on players. That’s vested interest, not national interest.”

    You had asked me for proof. As one of the zillion fans of the game, I do not have access. I am not happy when I hear this from one of great players who had access to a lot of information than me.

  7. It could just be that he is reacting to media stories too. There is no way of ascertaining that he actually had more information than you or me. This interview doesn’t contitute proof.

  8. sampath kumar


    I support the idea of TNCC seceding from BCCI and forming a rebel league–or go back to the days of Gopalan trophy played against Ceylon–at home and away in alternate years.

    Then the blog can be reanamed T3V3—Tamil nadu Vaazhga

    and Mohan can be the SOLE resident blogger!!–to his heart’s content—but then Sri Lanka is no push over like Ceylon was —so back to stomach ulcers!!!!

  9. Sampath

    My tongue was planted firmly in cheek when I wrote what I did.

  10. Guys like pessimist, vishal would remain a blot on the fan frenity f this country, No matter India win or lose, they have same set of opinions, Sachin is bad, Ganguly is selfish, blah blah..

    If you have guts replace them and show your skills. Else just shut up and deep your head somewhere in pothole. Dont rant the same song even now, the world cup is gone long and forgotten.

    Learn to take some +ves……..

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