Pathan’s resurrection

In continuation to Mohan’s post ‘First steps to a long road to recovery’ on the key role that Irfan Pathan can play in the scheme of things, the news is that Irfan Pathan trained at the MRF pace foundation a few weeks back.

TA Sekhar apparently identified flaws in Pathan’s bowling action almost immediately and initiated corrective measures. Dennis Lillee also had a look in and he too identified kinks in his action

Pathan seems to have worked on these pointers and recently mentioned that his bowling rhythm has returned and is raring to play some matches.

Hopefully, the selectors are keeping an eye on this. The important thing is to test his bowling under match conditions and this is where the England series could have been really helpful. The Indians play 4 tour matches in the series which would have been an ideal place to gauge his return to the national side. Besides travelling with the team and bowling to Dravid and company would have given him some sort of confidence boost. Will Vengsekar make the call?

– Vish –


5 responses to “Pathan’s resurrection

  1. Why should Pathan travel with the team? He has to do his time. Play in the domestic circuit, show everyone that he is back in form and then see if there is place in the Indian team to get back. Press statements are not enough enough someone who has fallen from grace at the moment. Tomorrow Sehwag could make a similar claim. So can Harbhajan, Kaif, Badani(!)

  2. While I generally agree that there should be no freebie travellers in the tour, we have to consider that there are no domestic or A tours until Oct 07.

    In my opinion, Pathan, and Pathan’s case alone is different compared to the Sehwags and Bajjis.

    The Pathan lent balance to the team is more valuable for the England series than the home Test series against Pakistan later in November where we will play two seamers and two spinners.

    In England the conditions are tailor-made for swing and seam bowling and that might just be the tonic to get him back

    Besides, for the Australia (ODIs) and Pakistan series (ODI and Tests), on what basis will they pick him up?

    The domestic season would hardly begun and Pathan cannot justify his selection anyway because he could’nt have played any domestic matches to prove his worth.

    If atleast he gets a chance to play the ‘side-games’ in England and bowl to quality batters at the nets he can make a case.

  3. I agree Pathan, Munaf Patel, Harbhajan and Sehwag will have to do their time in domestic circuit, unless President Vengsarkar commutes the sentence.

    I like Badani as a player, a decent batsman, good fielder and can bowl a 3 – 4 overs in a one-day match, a perfect fit for the team. Not sure if he is even in the 30 or 40 probables. But he was playing for TN 🙂

  4. What’s up with Bangladesh ?

    They got out in a test match against SL in 25 overs ? Minnows for sure.

  5. seems mr.vengsarkar is in no mood to pick this talent…also captain of indian team seems not interested at all.that is where the problem in the indian team lies respect for class!this boy had to prove his worth in every single match!but not others.compared to others he has been given less chances to prove himself.he did every thing for teams sake..took the burden over him..covered up the weakness of great indian batting line up. but the team used him and threw him away like nothing.he was indeed troubled by the team.he is sooo unlucky…because nobody understands his worth…not the selector who complains irfan of being unfit,even though irfan is fit.oversea players has understood the worth of this man,but not his own captain.
    u cant get any player who is as hardworking and as talented as irfan should be given when it is needed the most.try to understand his worth.i wonder how his tremendous batting talent can be neglected like indian team is full of classless players.if soo why other players were not ranked 3rd in the allrounders list of icc.was it a joke?no other indian will do that,,for sure.only irfan pathan can!!!

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