A “Duh” from Woorkeri Raman…

Sample this beauty from W. V. Raman, former India opener and current Tamil Nadu Coach.

W. V. Raman was asked about Dinesh Karthik as an opener and these are his pearls of wisdom!

“It’s going to put too much burden on him. There is only as much a man can do, and everyone has his limitations. He is best suited to bat in the middle-order and to keep. I’m not in favour of a makeshift opener. Selectors always talk about specialists and what they have done is pushed a middle-order bat to open.

“According to me Sehwag should have been there in the side. Now that he is not there, the left-right combination of Gautam Gambhir and Jaffer should be looked at. And if they are looking at the flexibility angle, why not ask Sourav Ganguly, who has 10,000 runs as One-day opener.”

So, he is not in favour of a makeshift opener. And that is certainly a valid/sagacious opinion. And yet, before he can draw breath, he expresses regret that Sehwag isn’t there as opener. Duh! What was Sehwag before be opened? Let me think… Middle-order-bat perhaps? Be that as it may. Afterall, every former cricketer should have licence to have one “Duh” moment per quote! But Raman says he can one day do better than what Sarfraz Nawaz has perfected over the years (the Duh-Duh-Duh… routine!). For he goes on to suggest that Sourav Ganguly should open instead of Karthik.

Hmmm! Which open orifice was he talking from again?

— Mohan


7 responses to “A “Duh” from Woorkeri Raman…

  1. What is wrong with Ganguly opening the batting for India ?

  2. gnbmdr,

    You obviously do not see the incosistencies in his first and second paragraphs…

  3. “What is wrong with Ganguly opening the batting for India ?”

    It is wrong because test matches and ODIs are not the same!!

  4. If not for WV Raman ‘shooting from his hip’ you wouldn’t be writing this post, Mohan. Be grateful to him! 😉 🙂

    On a serious note, Raman has inadvertently landed his blow where it hurts Indian cricket the most.

    The malaise of make shift openers has afflicted Indian cricket since its inception. And unfortunately it continues to bug even today.

  5. very very very very nice article. I haven’t ever seen before. I think you should carry on and give us many news.

  6. Very funny. Particularly, coming from someone who plundered runs in domestic cricket – as a “promoted” opener.

  7. Uh! uh! I am new here. Which orifice was he speaking out off?

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