Vengsarkar watching Tamil Nadu closely

Dilip Vengsarkar is having a close look at the cricket situation in Tamil Nadu (TN). If you remember TN won the Ntional Twenty20 tournament recently. More interestingly Dilip Vengsarkar is perhaps looking at what Mr Woorkeri Raman is upto. Raman is now the Chairman of the State Selection Committee as well as the Coach of the Tamil Nadu team! Apparently last season, being the coach ‘only’ Raman was unhappy that he did not get the team he wanted. So the situation has been rectified and he has been made the Chairman of the State selection committee as well as Coach of TN. Now he can have the cake and eat it! Since the Indian team still does have a coach, Vengsarkar may fancy his chances after looking at TN more closely!

– Sanjay

2 responses to “Vengsarkar watching Tamil Nadu closely

  1. Vengsarkar might also pad up if there is a crunch; India is 50 for 5 ? Coach + selector is too much power in one person.

    I have not understood this Coach position in cricket properly. In the past, a Captain – MAK Pataudi, Clive Lloyd, Mike Brearly – were both Captain and Coach; i.e; tacticians without computer analysis. These captains did not have the power to impress on their superstar players.

    Now, a coach now has a lot of power; almost like a baseball Coach – like Joe Torre of NY Yankees.
    A baseball Coach is called the skipper and he selects the team for that day and the batting line-up; and pitching changes and the substitutes. A coach is also finally responsible for the team Wins and Losses.

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