When will they learn to shut up?

I was absolutely shocked to read this piece in The Telegraph today. We often hear of players getting wrapped on the knuckles for irresponsible leaks and squeaks to the media. However, officialdom normally has a way of getting away with it. Greg Chappell did. Several BCCI officials do… regularly.

But this latest leak defies belief!

Let’s sample this peach, for example: “It’s tough to say anything definitely, but my feeling is that Sachin Tendulkar alone would have been an absolute certainty for the probables’ list… There could well have been a long debate over Rahul and Sourav” one of the five selectors told The Telegraph on Sunday.

Why is it not possible for the selectors to adopt a “What is said in the rooms stays in the rooms policy”? If they cannot adopt that fundamental principle, they should really not be on the committee! They should not be raising issues that would arouse needless speculation in the media, thereby fanning an already burning forest; the forest of cricket-mania that the media regularly indulges in.

This wise selector then goes on to suggest that “even if Sachin was among the probables, the captaincy would still go to Mahendra Singh Dhoni.”

Ok! So the rest of the selectors are going to pretend to look the other way while this one selector thumps the table?

I just don’t get it. Why are these people in office?

— Mohan


5 responses to “When will they learn to shut up?

  1. When will they learn to shut up?

    Why are these people in office?
    Sorry, I don’t get it either

  2. Please don’t ask them to keep quite. What will our news channels show as breaking news then? And stocks holders of companies that have news channels its absolutely essential that they support this sort of skewed transparency. There is no news like speculative news. :).

  3. Only a senseless person will listen to what these fools have to say!

  4. “Fill the pages I say! Especially cricket.” said the Chief Editor to his staff.

  5. sampath kumar

    More Tamasha in Bharath Desh

    This time it is Dada Kapil Devji thumbing his fingers up the nostrils of BCCI chieftains re his involvement in the Rebel League–daring them to sack him as the Chairman of National Cricket Academy !!

    Kapil always wanted to be in the camp that didn’t contain Gavaskar–I still remember the two having a go at each other when they set up syndicated columns soon after their retirement!!

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