India v Sussex – Highlights

Robin Martin Jenkins (more popular as the son of legendary BBC commentator, Chris Martin Jenkins) saves Sussex from defeat.

It may be a worrying sign that India were not able to clean up the tail in this opening outing. However, Kumble’s bowling and Sreesanth regaining some of his SA tour magic may be positives. While the batting in the second innings may not have been worth writing home about, Laxman’s innings in the first and Karthik’s stubborness certainly helped.

I would still play Jaffer in the opening slot and resist the temptation of dropping Dhoni for either Gambhir or Yuvraj. Neither of them gave me enough confidence to take such a gamble. Dhoni is a class act and will come good when really required. Ranadeb Bose will (and should) most certainly plan to carrying water through the series, he does not seem ready yet. (Munaf will certainly be missed). Dravid’s hinted batting order and bowling line up will and should be retained for the first test.

Anyway, I found the highlights of days 1 and 2 on youtube . Here’s day three as well. Enjoy.

– Srikanth


5 responses to “India v Sussex – Highlights

  1. It is a good start, but I agree with this question about the success of Rahul Dravid. This is his last tour and he will be under pressure as captain too.

  2. Watched the highlights and even though I am sick and in bed at the moment, I couldn’t help but crack up at the botched Kumble caught-and-bowled! I laughed so hard, it hurt! This was classic-Kumble! If any other fielder had messed up like he did, he’d have been at their throats like only he can! I could perhaps wager a bet he was thinking “why the heck am I still on this gig” as he rose up gingerly to his feet! A nice one for the Kumble-classics-DVD that would make a nice retirement present 🙂

  3. Now that Dravid has pulled out with a calf strain 😦 and Sachin has been given the captaincy for the second tour game, what do you guys expect? A more aggresive skipper? Or would one match against a county be too short a stint to get any feedbacks?

  4. Srikanth Mangalam

    While, realistically, one shouldn’t read much into how Sachin handles this role, I can say with near certainty and every movement of his will be scrutinized and commented upon by the general media. Be prepared to read statements such as:
    1. Sachin raised his eyebrow when Karthik dropped a catch.
    2. Sachin walked upto Ishant Sharma 23.5 times during one over and provided advice that included 350 words.
    3. Sachin’s record for walking of the field during the game is 10 times higher as a player versus as a captain…
    4. Sachin should have asked Jaffer to take guard because Stuart Broad swings the ball away and karthik is not equipped to face a swinging ball first up, instead he showed his obvious bias towards his fellow Mumbaikar and protected him.
    5. Sachin’s field setting lacked the same level of intelligence that Dravid typically shows.

    Hopefully, nothing so ridiculous but certainly expect something all the same.

  5. I can not believe that India can not hold its ground against England Lions. Now they can not claim fever, injury excuses. What will happen against better bowling of England.

    Saw this in cricinfo interesting.

    I think Jaffer is useless. We don’t need batsmen who scores in every tenth match. His technique is rubbish,and his fielding and attitude even more. Gambhir is young and maybe a bit rash but positive”

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