Sachin puts India into deep trouble

Sachin Tendulkar’s performance against the England Lions has put India further back in its quest to improve its ratings as a test playing nation. Leading the side on the field he let the English Lions slip away and make a big score by his lack of imagination to handle what seemed to very capable bowling line-up which almost achieved victory against a strong Sussex side boasting of several players on the fringes of county cricket and british citizenship. He allowed fielders to drop catches and intimidated the bowlers by constantly providing advice. On its turn to bat, the Indian batting were forced to give up their wickets once again so that Tendulkar could be the lone star and take all the batting credits available. At tea on the day 2, Tendulkar is batting on 99 and on return from tea will take his own time to complete his hundred so that he can add one more to his evergoing list of centuries against weak teams. In the process of gettting back into personal form Sachin has successfully ensured that the rest of the team is demoralized and is no mental shape to confront the English. 🙂

– Srikanth

This post was meant to be satirical and to reflect the current state of the media and their continued attack on Sachin Tendulkar’s performance. It in no way was meant to reflect my true views on this issue. I suppose the sarcasm did not work this time. Maybe there is a next time…


7 responses to “Sachin puts India into deep trouble

  1. sampath kumar



    How did Sachin ALLOW fielders to DROP catches?
    How can a captain talking to a bowler be interpreted as intimidation–you must be an expert in lip reading and body language –he IS the captain and has the responsibility–he is trying to bring everyone in the team to his level of ability and commitment. And has scored 171 in quick time and the team avoided the follow-on

    The only way a captain can allow the fielders to drop catches is what Hanse Cronje was alleged to have done

    Are you accusing sachin of such an act?

    Or you need education on the basics of cricket!!

  2. I guess my saracasm wasn’t as obvious!

  3. You got it wrong to criticise Sachin. Sachin is God except when he does not score. Then he is a devil. He has to score. Everytime he picks up his bat he has to score. Else why should he have bat in his hand? I can take it. Dravid was selfish for sitting out this match. Ganguly is selfish for getting out in that way. He wanted to put all the pressure on God-today Sachin. Tomorrow I think Dhoni will be God. Day after tomorrow, I think I want to be God. The only permanent God is Cheeka. That’s what R.T.Parthasarathy told me once when he was drunk. He was a God too. The rest are all selfish.

  4. God!! Not Realising Sarcasm is called NSR on internat message boards! I suppose both Sampath Kumar and gnbgnb are HUGE victims of NSR here!! 🙂

  5. sampath kumar

    sarcasm is the last refuge of scoundrels. People who talk in cheek are far more dangerous than the ones who tell the truth in your face.
    There might a line or two of sarcasm in the middele–but, the first two lines are FAR–FAR–from sarcasm.
    By the way, wher is R T Parthasarathy these days?–Is he the retired MP and Radio Cricket commentator/
    (many moons, when I was listed in the meat market in India, a broker tried to talk my parents to arrange a visit to RTP’s mansion to VIEW his daughter!!! –and taste uppuma and kesari!!!

  6. Everyone knows he plays for his personal records…

  7. Srikanth

    Were you boozing off on a huge dose when you wrote this ? Advising a bowler is intimidating him ? Is it now like this Sachin whatever he does, he d be criticized ? And how does captain come in when a player drops a catch ? Does he get into the player’s hand to drop the catch ? Or does he fly like a ghost and spill the ball ?

    You look a kid in cricket knowledge to me. his 171 enabled India to post a respectable score of 380 odd runs.

    Stay away from posts kid, you suck big time. Your knowledge is half baked and is worth 2 spanks on the …….

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