Kepler Wessels for Team India?

Trevor Chesterfield writes in this report that Kepler Wessels has been sounded out by Sourav Ganguly to coach Team India! Wessels, the former Australian and South African Test cricketer, is known for being a strict disciplinarian with a decent coaching record. Whether India is ready for him is a different matter altogether!

Yet again, we have a situation wherein a current player is putting in the hard yards that the coach-selection committee is supposed to be doing. Meanwhile, the rest of the coach-selection committee appear to be sitting on their collective fingers, collecting ring-marks on their backsides. Sigh!

After a coaching stint at Northamptonshire which both parties terminated through mutual agreement Wessels is currently in Australia, coaching the South African emerging squad. The South African squad is playing New Zealand’s emergent side. The Kiwi side is being coached by Dave Nosworthy, another coach who is in consideration for the Team India coach job.

Meanwhile, Pakistan have quietly moved to make a smart appointment. Geoff Lawson has been appointed coach of Pakistan on a two-year contract. Lawson, a keen student of the game, has coached NSW in the past. He has also been a cricket administrator (with NSW) and a sanguine commentator of the game. I think this will prove to be a good move by Pakistan.

Meanwhile, in India, the ring-marks continue to deepen on the collective backsides of the coach-selection committee as they continue to sit on their fingers and watch the world go by!


4 responses to “Kepler Wessels for Team India?

  1. Mohan – it seems that years of colonial rule has left it’s mark on the psche of decision makers in SouthAsia – India and Pakistan alike. While there is no doubt, that Australians have left a indelible mark on the game of cricket, why dont we give local guys some chance?
    Crickets like Kapil Dev or Jawed Miandad are a class in themselves. They have served their respective countries for many years. Some how, when it comes to coaching, we look every where, except for home grown Talent.

  2. Haider,
    I hope you really thought before writing that!
    do you think, guys like kapil dev and miandad can do wonders? they had proven to be utter failures when it comes to coaching..
    And all the talk of local guy would understand the players’s mentality and culture is a big chunk of bull crap.
    At the same time I am not pitching in for ‘only foreigner’ attiude. Except for sandeep patil no Indian coach has a decent record of coaching.. can you name some?
    I say go for the quality and not for the name, country and legend hype.

  3. Dear Friend – I am not that zealous follower of cricket, though i do follow the game in my spare time. No offence meant!

    Just as a Brain wave: who were the coaches when India or Pakistan won the Cricket world cup. I am not sure about India but Intikhab Alam was coaching Pakistan at that time, Imran Khan was the captain then.

    In guess India won the world cup under the captancy of Kapil. Coach?

    Take care,


  4. None taken!
    so, you seriously think that the level of cricket played today is no different from how it was played some 20 yr ago. Excuse me?
    And everyone knows 1983 was a fluke. even the players admit that. that was just a one-off that happend to be the finals. India was beaten black and blue later by the same windies team.
    Make no mistake: great players dont necessarrily make a good coach let alone great.. ex GC.
    Jus because he is indian and a great player he shud be the coach is utter tripe.
    Get a coach who has some coaching credentials (irrespective of where he comes from).. and not a bunch of jokers (miandan & kapil). we know how good they were as coaches.. dont we? 😎

    Take Care Dear Friend

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