England Vs India — Running Comments 1st Test: Sreesanth and Zaheer Khan blow it… but…

After Vaughan won the toss and elected to bat in the First Test between England and India, Zaheer Khan and Sreesanth proceeded to blow it for India by spraying the ball. We had Sreesanth bowling down legside to Cook and Strauss. We had two generous wide-down-the-leg byes for 4 runs each — one each by Sreesanth and Zaheer Khan. We also had a wide from Zaheer Khan. Whether the two Indian pace bowlers were nervous or whether they were just incompetent or whether they could not get a handle on the Lords’ slope, we won’t know. However, England quickly raced to 50 off 52 balls in 39 mins! Strauss, who was playing tentatively still got enough bad balls to stay at the crease and score runs merrily.

India will have to bowl with much better discipline and purpose to pull things back from here.


After a shocking opening hour, Ganguly gets the breakthrough… Good move by Dravid and good response by Ganguly…

I am listening to audio commentary on BBC Five-Live. Boycott is one of the commentators and has just said, “I haven’t seen a tougher cookie from India than Ganguly. I’d love to have Dravid as a son, but I would like Ganguly the tough-cookie in my team any day“, or words to that effect. Boycott started off his stint at the drinks’ break with the words, “There is only one word to describe the Indian pace bowling this morning… Rooobbish!


For those that want the URL for live audio commentary, it is http://www.bbc.co.uk/fivelive/

The commentary team includes Chris Martin-Jenkins, Sunil Gavaskar, Henry Blofeld, Geoff Boycott, Angus Fraser, Graham Thorpe, et al. Good stuff…


And just before lunch Dinesh Karthik has dropped an absolute sitter at straight point. Sreesanth, the bowler, would have been absolutely livid, while Strauss let a huge sigh of relief. That should have been taken… And so we have a ‘keeper who was supposed to be going through a rough patch, who has let through a few byes because the bowlers sprayed it around. And we have another ‘keeper in the team who is supposedly in great nick who has dropped a sitter that a novice player would have taken! Hmmm!


11 responses to “England Vs India — Running Comments 1st Test: Sreesanth and Zaheer Khan blow it… but…

  1. sampath kumar


    Sresanth has modelled himself after Nel and S Akhtar–show ponies –and is bowling like them–not a long term prospect!!

  2. Don’t agree Sam. I think he is a long term prospect and I think he will do well. He is not doing well at the moment… Aussies traditionally have a problem against anyone else monkeying around (read: showing aggression) on the field other than themselves… 🙂

  3. sampath kumar


    Aggression and petulance are quite different
    Last Aussie to show petulance without matching talent was Len Pascoe–and Viv Richards showed him where he belonged!!!!

  4. Hmm! There are several Aussies that show repeated petulance without substance! I am going to desist from naming incidents/people, but you get my drift… Sreesanth is an aggressive player who has started his career well. That’s the way he plays his game. Let him be…

  5. Srikanth Mangalam

    Karthik has had the reputation of dropping absolute sitters. While his ground fielding has been excellent his catching in the outfield has a technical problem, I guess.

    It was interesting to see Sky show a replay of Strauss getting out in the first test against WI at Lords earlier this earlier, exact same shot but caught at gully.

    I hate to say it but Dravid’s captaincy had a lot to do with poor start in the first session. I don’t think he was reading the game well enough, not considering the fact that bowlers were spraying all over. His field changes seemed more reactive, and his removing Sreesanth from the attack just as he began to get his line and length right in his first spell may have been important decisions. At least based on the expert commentary from Botham, Atherthon, and Naseer Hussain these minor factors may have added to the agony. As Botham put it, “lack of adequate planning”.

    Having said that, it is only the first session, some strong words from the seniors, a great big huddle, and a few pieces of chicken tikka masala and you may just end up with a healthier afternoon….

  6. For people who cannot see the live coverage (like us poor folk in Australia, where Fox sports has delayed the telecast), you can catch the game online here –


  7. This is the stage, you need the fifth bowler spinner and the bowling seems to have no hope of a wicket

    England 218/1 (63.4 ov)

    Kumble is an old man ..

  8. Oops, I said it and Strauss got out !

  9. On the contrary Srikanth, I thought Dravid was right on the money I thought! My sense was that Sreesanth was having problems coping with the slope and hence bowling those wild and erratic deliveries. He got R.P.Singh in at Sreesanth’s end and switched Sreesanth around to the other end. Singh stemmed the rot and Sreesanth got a better handle on his line. Dravid also got Ganguly in at the right time and got a wicket immediately. Overall, a good performance by Dravid, not helped by sloppy fielding and erratic initial bowling…

  10. Srikanth Mangalam


    I was referring to the time after he switched him to the other end, he took him of a bit earlier. IMHO, while he certainly did a great job certainly after tea, his captaincy in the pre-lunch session could have been better. We certainly did let England off the hook and it was not merely sloppy fielding and bowling.

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