Ian Chappell’s incisive comments on Day 1

We get cricket coverage in India via Star Cricket, a new channel from the Star group. I like listening to Ian Chappell’s commentary as he usually makes some excellent points. Here are some interesting examples.

  • Dravid’s captaincy – Chappell felt that Dravid was unnecessarily pressurising his opening bowlers with he 7-2 field and preventing the bowlers from bowling slightly more straighter to allow the ball to swing.
  • Dravid at mid on – Dravid has been one of India’s best slip fielders and he even got his 150th catch standing at first slip. But for most of the 1st and the 2nd sessions he was standing at mid on. Chappell felt that 1st slip was the best place for a captain to stand, next to the wicket keeper. He himself stood there and always got good tips from Rod Marsh. Continuous talking to the bowler especially when he was not bowling well was not helping things. Imagine some talking to Dravid as he was getting beaten outside the off stump? Bowlers also need to concentrate after every ball!
  • Fielding coach – A fielding coach cannot teach a Test cricketer to field. A cricketer should learn about fielding between the ages of 9 – 16 and these are the things that help him in the long run.
  • Putting pressure – Strauss had got to 49 and was given an easy single by Dravid standing at a deepish mid on. A 50 is an important landmark for a struggling batsman. An opposing captain cannot afford to relax and give him the chance to get his confidence back.

– Sanjay

7 responses to “Ian Chappell’s incisive comments on Day 1

  1. Intersting that on BBC Live, Gavaskar, Boycott, CMJ and Gus Fraser complimented Dravid on giving up his favoured position to stand at mid-on! Also interestingly, the BBC Live guys indicated that, given the nature of the pitch — basically a batsman’s paradise — a packed offside field gave Dravid the best chance of an early breakthrough! Pity that his bowlers did not cooperate!

    Gavaskar also indicated that ever since Dravid sustained his finger-injury in South Africa, he has made it a point to not stand in the slips when the pace bowlers are on. I saw much of the match on TV and don’t think I saw Dravid walking up to the bowlers to piss in their ear after every other ball…

    Either way, it looks like Ian Chappell was seeing a different match to these guys 🙂

  2. Constant advice – micro management ? from Dravid or any of the senior players esp. when you are not bowling well would add more pressure.

  3. The question of Dravid having an injury was also discussed. Shastri claims that Dravid did stand in the slips in Bangladesh but porbably is carrying an injury again.

  4. To be perfectly fair, when Ian Chappell was standing at slip next to Rodney Marsh, the bowler was usually Lillee or Thommo or someone of that quality – not RP Singh or Sreesanth or Zaheer Khan…

  5. The point I made is that I saw no evidence of micro-management (“pissing in the ear”) in what I watched. So I am not sure which match Ian Chappell was watching 🙂

    Dravid may or may not be carrying an injury. But he was certainly there at mid-on when the pacers were bowling and he was at slips when Kumble bowled.

    His choice. He is captain…

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  7. If there are no edges or carries, It doesnt matter even if I stand in the slips 🙂 ..bowlers lacked patience and planning. But they have more than made up today morning. 🙂

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