Rain to play spoil sport?

Could India have done better if Dravid stood in the slips? Did he try to attack too much?? Or Was his captaincy brilliant? Is Sreesanth having trouble bowling downhill??

I think we’ve dwelled into these things enough 🙂 Personally, I would just like the West Indian* team to come out on a positive note and try to wrap up the England innings around the 350 mark. The first hurdle is removing Sidebottom – we don’t want him to occupy the crease for one hour (or more) and frustrating the bowlers. The new ball is now available and both Zaheer Khan and Sreesanth would want to make good use of it and make amends for yesterday. India is very much in the game after the late strikes yesterday and would be eager to get out there and take the remaining wickets. And good luck to them.

From England’s point of view Pietersen is still around with both Bell and Prior to follow. Both Pietersen and Prior can also score quickly and take the match away from India.

The first session of play will be very interesting today and could turn the match either way. But weather may have the last say as thunderstorms are predicted… 😦

(*The reference to West Indies was a dig at the Cricinfo guys, who have trouble distinguishing between East and West. At the time of writing this post, they still have not corrected this article. Maybe the writer just decided to rehash an article he wrote earlier on this summer :))



4 responses to “Rain to play spoil sport?

  1. sampath kumar

    as most of the selectors, manager and players hails from the WEST ie Mumbai—WEST INDIAN TEAM is apt!!!!

  2. 🙂 Good one…

  3. May be you are reading the article wrong. It says “early part of the season” not session. He is just comapring the bowing attacks which england faced in early part of summer season we came in the later part

  4. I stand corrected, cknaidu 🙂 – Thanks for pointing it out. The joke is on me 😦

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