England Vs India — Test 1: India’s chances and take-homes…

The last day of the 1st Test in the ongoing England V India series promises to be a cliff-hanger. Both teams will think that they can win. David Lloyd is confident that England will win. Ravi Shastri thinks that England have their nose in front but believes India can win if they go into the last day in a positive frame of mind. Shastri believes that Dinesh Karthik is the key!

Like David Lloyd, I think we are in for an excellent last day’s cricket.

The weather could play spoil sport though. The forecast for St Johns’ Wood is for rain with a high of 17 deg C and a low of 14 deg C.

If we get a full days’ play, there should be a result in this game. I don’t think India can win. With Dravid and Tendulkar back in the pavillion and with Jaffer, India’s 1st innings hero, back in the hut, I believe the task will be huge for Karthik, Ganguly, Laxman and Dhoni. India may salvage a draw if the weather helps out too.

I would be most happy to be proven wrong though.

Jaffer’s was a really soft dismissal. He was playing well — albeit with the IBRADM (India Batsmen’s Recently Afflicted Defensive Mindset) — and Karthik was playing with positive intent. A lapse in concentration combined with laziness cost Jaffer his wicket. Dravid was unlucky to be given out as the ball pitched outside off, but these things happen in cricket. But the worst dismissal of the day, from an India point of view, was Tendulkars’. He should have stayed on till the end of days’ play and he should have been looking to score runs. If he had been looking for runs, he would have played that ball with his bat! Instead IBRADM meant that there was a defensive malaise about his game. I believe it cost him his wicket.

It is an uphill task for Karthik, Ganguly, Laxman and Dhoni. India needs a further 243 runs to win. This is not going to be easy on a 5th day wicket. I say this even though Karthik is playing well and Ganguly is playing positively. Panesar is bowling well and the other England pace bowlers are bowling well. I can’t see any of them having a bad day at the office. So, I don’t believe India will make it. Laxman is in a strange no-mans’ land. Dhoni is out of sorts. So, unless either Karthik or Ganguly score a big hundred, I’ll be looking to the weather Gods!

But there have been some good take-homes from this gig for India:

  • Karthik appears to improve with each dig. Yes, he did get out in the first innings and he dropped a sitter to let off Strauss. But the lad appears to want to be there. He seems to look at each opportunity as a gift and wants to make the most of it. His batting in the second innings has been a treat to watch.
  • R. P. Singh has been a terrific positive too. In only his 5th Test match, this young 21-year-old player from Uttar Pradesh has shown tenacity and guile. He has taken his first 5-fer and I suspect that, provided he does not travel down injury-lane, there will be more of these before he hangs up his boots. He has 22 wickets from 5 Tests at an average of 26.90! So these are early days yet, but to get on the honours board at Lords’ at such an early stage of his career will give him much confidence.

All in all, it promises to be a fascinating day-5.

— Mohan

20 responses to “England Vs India — Test 1: India’s chances and take-homes…

  1. sampath kumar

    I haven’t seen Dravid’s dismissal
    You say the ball was pitched outside ‘off”–if so, he can be out if the ball hit him in line and going to hit the stumps or hit him outside off and he didn’t offer a stroke


  2. Srikanth Mangalam

    Dravid played at it and was hit outside the line of the off stump. The hawk eye showed that the ball may have barely hit the top of off stump. Typically, if you are offering a shot and are hit outside the line of off stump you are not given out especially when you are well forward unless the umpire is convinced that the ball would have gone on and hit the stumps. In this case the uncertainty was quite high, not one of Taufel’s best decisions.

  3. IBRADM- also known as ‘choking’.

  4. sampath kumar

    LBW law is subjective ie “in the opinion of the Umpire”

    Players like Gatting used to play PRETEND shots and Umpires woke upto that quickly

    I shall see the replay tonight and will be convinced!!

  5. Sorry Sam, I wasn’t clear in writing that. I should have said, “Dravid was unlucky to be given out as the ball pitched outside off and hit him outside off. The ball also appeared to be travelling above the stump height. But these things happen in cricket.”

    I wasn’t clear in what I wrote…

    As an umpire yourself, I am sure you’ll see the replay and go, “Dang, that was a clanger by Taufel.”


  6. sampath kumar

    When immortals like Mohan make mistakes, it is no wonder that mere mortals like the Taufels of this world do as well!!!!

  7. For those of in OZ, Fox has come to the party and tonite’s game is LIVE from 8PM !!

  8. I just couldn’t have put it better even if I had tried Sam. Moreover your honesty, while unusual, is definitely refreshing 🙂

  9. Excellent news Paddy.

  10. sampath kumar


    Foxtel hasn’t come to the party–it just happened that British Golf open is over!!

    Second test–live from 8 pm on Friday ie 1st day–then from 10 pm on the weekend!!!!

  11. Mohan,

    Was Sachin in the defensive mindset? I do not think so. Just the delivery before his dismissal, he had thumped a boundary to cover and it was a spectacular shot. I think, his positive intent cost him his wicket, or else he could just have blocked the delivery, but he was looking to play strokes!

    Dravid was the real unlucky guy in this match. He got an unplayable delivery in the first dig and was a little unlucky to be given out yesterday.

    It really pains me when I think these two great batsmen were playing at Lords for the last time.

    Hope they make up for this failure in the next two tests!

  12. Straight Point

    i am surprised that everyone is disappointed with ST…

    when was last time anyone saw ST saving or winning test match for india and specially making meaningful contribution for india in IInd innings???

  13. send cricket score

  14. At the time of writing this comment, India need another 173 runs to win, while England need to take 5 wickets in 2 sessions.

    If India are to save this test, they better start praying for rain 🙂 – In spite of the sixty odd runs that Laxman and Dhoni have put together I don’t think India have a chance!

  15. Nice blog, Mohankaus.
    Yup … It’s either Dhoni or Bad weather which will see us through …
    Most likely it’s going to be bad weather 🙂

    I liked the acronym IBRADM 🙂 LOL
    It’s sad … But True …

    There is a live poll going on
    at http://www.MeraTeamIndia.com


    You will have to login to participate.


  16. The rain has “saved” us..but truly speaking, a loss wouldve spurred on the team to make some changes, perform better and win the next test. I hope the big 4 fire next time atleast. Ganguly and Sachin seem to have got some decent starts.

  17. My take on the 3 Indian wickets to fall on Day 3 – the rub of the green went England’s way.

    Tendulkar’s was not even an arm ball. It was a normal loopy SLA which didn’t turn. I found a video which i’ve posted on my latest blog post.

    If you look at it, it was well flighted, with seam pointing towards third man – not towards fine leg or square point. Furthermore, it didn’t even move down the slope! Jaffer’s bat turned in his hands, and Dravid was technically not out.

  18. Sorry… make that Day 4.

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