Going forward

Both Vish and Mohan have put forward their thoughts on what India need to do going into the next match. I think they’ve both made fine points. I however do not think that the team will change. Barring a sudden injury, I do not see the team change at all. Yuvraj will still carry the drinks and the opening pair of Jaffar and Karthik will continue. RP Singh has impressed and will keep out Bose and Ishant for the next game.

Vish and Mohan also suggested that Tendulkar should come lower down the order. I agree. Towards the end of their careers, a lot of great players have come lower down the order than what they used to in their prime – there is no real shame in it and it does not mean you are lesser of a batsman. I hope the team management and Tendulkar realize this. But again, I feel this will not happen.

As was pointed out in the two posts, there were plenty of positives that India can take from the game. But IMHO, the biggest positive would be the fact that they did not lose. England would be really disappointed that they could not win, while India would be elated that they did not lose. This may sound funny but I think by not losing (after being so close), India actually will be in a better state of mind than England going into the second test!

Mohan also spoke about the need for a big score or two from the middle order. Sure, a big score would help, but I feel that India should be thinking partnerships. Aussies have done this with great success over the years and the Indian galacticos would do well to learn from this.

If I was unsure that India could win in England before the first test, I am now somehow more confident that they can – in spite of almost losing the game. The main reason is the bowling. If they have been able to bowl out an in form English batting line up twice for less than 300 (that too after bowling the initial sessions badly) I think they have a chance.

Can’t wait for the second test to start !



15 responses to “Going forward

  1. I have never been able to decide as to who has let India down overseas more – our fancied batting line-up or our bowling?!

  2. Could you spell lose properly, please?

  3. I agree with you, that India would be more positive going into the 2nd Test now that they have fortuitously drawn the 1st Test.
    More often than not the Indians are defeated in mind than by their abilities. If they have to perform to their potential ( both real and hyped up) it is important that mentally they are on a high.

  4. If they go into the 2nd Test without a change in their middle-order mindset or personnel — or both — I believe India will lose.

  5. Butjazz – it is the much vaunted batting line up that has let down the team time and again…

    Anon – done :). Thanks for pointing it out.

    Mohan – Do you seriously believe that India will change the batting line up for the next test? Think about it from the team management’s point of view – Both Laxman and Ganguly scored 39 and 40 in the second innings. Dravid is the captain and Sachin the vice-captain – both untouchable. Dhoni scored a match winning 75. So, whom should we drop? Probably Laxman. But there is still no evidence to show that Yuvraj would have fared better than Laxman, who as always looked good scoring 30-40 runs, but nothing beyond…

    The point I was trying to make is that there is a difference between what should be done and what will be done. In any case, I would keep Laxman for one more test before doing anything drastic. They should change the batting line up, though. (Again, they should, but they won’t)

    The only thing we can hope for is the change of mindset….

  6. I agree with your observation. There should be some more hunger among the seniors. In addition, to the syndrome you had mentioned, there is a Vengasarkar syndrome among many Indian players. If you score is 30 <= runs <= 40; then your position for the next test team is safe, since in principle, the player has not failed or succeeded.

    This attitude getting your place safe for the next match has been hurting and stopping other talent to gain a place in the team.

  7. gnbmdr, I hope you are sitting down when you read this! I agree with your comment.


    gnbmdr is right although I am not sure I would have termed it the “Vengsarkar Syndrome”. Apart from this defensive malaise that has crept in to India’s batting, there is a certain mediocrity that has also crept in. This is recent.

    And that’s what I wanted to say to Raj P, who had a swing at my post in the other thread. A steady 30 or a gritty 40 just won’t do. Once you get a 40, you’ve already done the hard yards. You need to make it stick. You need to convert it to a big one.

    After the brilliance of the previous England tour, the tour of Australia and the tour of Pakistan, the Indian batting has slipped into this defensive mediocrity which yields gritty 40s and ordinary 30s.

    For far too long we have seen batsmen like Laxman get handsome 40s.

    Things have to change. Sure, there is no evidence that Yuvraj may have done better. But unless you try to shake things up, one will never know…

  8. sampath kumar

    With Lara signing up with ICL and warne, McGrath et –possibly Attapattu, Inzi, Afridi–al rumoured to be signing up, Team India selectors will hang on to Fab Four for the next 100 years–to prevent them defecting to ICL
    So, youngsters have to wait for another million years to be part of Team India

    That man Tony Greig is at it again—all the years of singing the praise of Indians / Sri Lankans–SUCKING UP–is bearing fruits!!!

  9. Not sure about Afridi joining up with the ICL. Where did you hear that Sam? So far the ICL has only been targetting old cricketers — recently retired players who want to make a quick buck or two before their bones detatch or break down completely.

  10. sampath kumar

    I would love to say, I have sources in Pakistan–but i don’t
    Afridi was called back from retirement earlier this year–hence, a fringe player–more suited to 20/20 game–if a sucker from India wants throw money his way, why wouldn’t he? he is married with kids now

    That man tony Greig again–all the years of praising Indians and Sri lankans–SUCKING –has paid off–now that Packer Sr is gone, Tony has a saviour in Zee TV!!!!!

    Who in the right frame of mind would want to watch Warne, McGrath, Lara, Jayasurya, Atapattu who are all past their prime?

    Prostitution is supposed to be the oldest profession–but I am not so sure if modern cricketers are that far behind!!

  11. Ouch, Sam… 🙂 I think the cricketers are only trying to make a living. If people are prepared to watch pensioners play cricket and there is a honest buck to be made, then why not?

  12. Mohan/gmbmdr

    I think it should be called the “Laxman syndrome” 🙂 As you pointed out, Laxman seems to have mastered this art of hitting a classy, stylish 30 and then missing his off stump way too often…

  13. Laxman and Sehwag seem to be susceptible to the same ball – Pitched on a good length outside the off and cutting in and Laxman goes for a tentative forward defensive stroke and he loses his off stump. Very ugly.

    Ganguly – outside the offstump or a hoick of a bouncer.

    Tendulkar – LBW syndrome

    Dravid was rock solid before with almost no weakness. Now, with captaincy he is not as successful with the bat as before.

  14. this collective term ‘seniors’ is a problem. here’s why… seniors v juniors? not really

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