Heck, we can still beat England!

Thank the Rain Gods
The first Test is over, while most of the fans were disappointed to see the sixth wicket fall with over 50 overs remaining and resigned to the fate of another Lord’s defeat, I had started my rain dance and heartfelt prayers to Varuna. The rains came, and yes, India were lucky to get out of jail; and to be fair England deserved to win. But life isn’t always fair and that’s that.

But still, there were positives
While a lot will be written about the positives and negatives of this match (Mohan Krishnamoorthy already has some incisive comments after Day 4), Dravid can take heart for the fact that 3 of his youngsters put their hands up to be counted – RP Singh, Karthik and Dhoni.

What was most impressive was that our inexperienced pace attack helped to dismiss England twice for under 300.

The middle order of Tendulkar, Ganguly and Laxman didn’t have a spectacular outing but there were periods where they looked in control, even if not on top of the bowling.

The English bowling
Apart from Monty, India haven’t faced much of the English pacers in the Test arena. Sidebottom is a much-improved bowler compared to his disastrous debut in 2001. The Indian line up except for Ganguly is all right handed and it is not easy to face a lefty who consistently swings it in. I am certain the Indians would have learnt their lesson and play him just a fraction late and mostly on the front foot (tip by Jeff Boycott on BBC) at Nottingham.

The real surprise package was James Anderson who bowled exceptionally well. The Indians need to come up with something to tackle him at Trent Bridge. For starters – a positive attitude will be of great help.

The Laxman question
India is likely to go in with the same eleven and so will England. Laxman is likely to get the nod again ahead of Yuvraj.

Laxman is a class act but needs time to settle down before he can let loose his array of strokes. This often means he will be a slow starter. Another problem is that if Dhoni gets out early, in my opinion Laxman doesn’t have the ability to shepherd the tail. He can be slow to adapt to the changing situation of the game.

I believe (much to the chagrin of Tendulkar fans and fellow bloggers), Tendulkar and Laxman should swap places. Tendulkar has the ability to shift gears as well as rotate the strike better than Laxman. For once, let us be bold and try something different.

Heck, we can still beat England. Just win the toss, put 400+ on the board and get Pietersen cheaply 😀

– Vish


3 responses to “Heck, we can still beat England!

  1. Switching the batting spots of Sachin and Laxman will not happen. Even for that matter, Ganguly and Laxman – switch will not happen. Ganguly wants his No. 5 slot. Laxman or for that matter any batsmen in No.6 must shepherd the Indian tail enders.

    The bottom line of the first test – the fab four Indian middle order failed. Zaheer and Kumble need to bowl better. If Panesar can cause so much problems, where is Kumble with 500+ wickets ?

    In the commentary – there was a question to Holding – comparing Indian middle order and the famous WI middle order. Holding mentioned that WI would have made the 380 runs in the last innings and they did it once 344 for 2 and won the test.

  2. Straight Point

    for all the talks of test merited result…i am happy that it was draw not for our batsmen but for our bowlers who surprised everybody by taking 20 wickets and kept us in game otherwise they would have to carry the burden to get us back in to the series coz i have lost faith in our “flabby middle order”…

    please check this link

    i think this is the most balanced article i have read in recent past and it is the reality check we all must take…

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