Matt Prior pits Karthik against Dhoni against Yuvraj…

Matt Prior was having a field day sledging the Indians in the recently concluded 1st Test. He continually chirped “Dhoni won’t have played that shot mate” when Karthik was batting. He clearly got to Karthik who reacted by complaining to the umpire. Karthik was subsequently calmed down by Ganguly. Prior then kept up with “Yuvraj is batting excellently in the nets mate” when Dhoni was out there in the middle. Clever.

Michael Vaughan wasn’t far behind either. He gave Sourav Ganguly a serve after Ganguly turned down an easy run on the penultimate ball of Day-4. He also gave Sree Santh the verbals for taking his time to get to the crease.

Indeed, many of the England players kept a constant chirp going against the Indians. Fair enough. I don’t particularly like it, but recognise that it is a part of the modern game. Everyone does it. It is just a question of who does it well and who to.

It also has the opposite effect on some players. Buchanan in his pre-tour notes would often ask Australian players not to sledge Dravid and Tendulkar because it toughened their resolve even more. Miandad is said to have engaged the fielding team in banter and would use that to pep himself up.

But it is all part of the modern game.

So, in a bid to assist Team India, what should the Indians be saying when they are out there?

Here are a few sledges that I could think of. Please add to this list. We can then provide a compilation for the team to use!

To Kevin Pietersen:

  • Heard you are totally fatigued mate.
  • Got over the brain fatigue you were talking of?
  • Want to take another holiday in the South of France to recover from your fatigue?
  • Still having problems with bouncers these days?
  • Are you really committed to England or would you rather be playing for South Africa?
  • But for the reservation system, you’d be playing for South Africa won’t you? Why play in such miserable weather all year round?

To Michael Vaughan:

  • You did use the term “Fredalo” in The Guardian interview did you not?
  • Flintoff was a better captain than you mate. If only he wasn’t injured, he’d be captaining the side. You know that don’t you?
  • Flintoff’s knee is getting better. He’ll be back in the side soon.
  • You are in the team only because you can bowl when bad light threatens to halt play… and even that is crap.

To Matt Prior:

  • Even Geriant Jones won’t have dropped as many catches as you did mate.
  • If you could ‘keep as well as you can talk, you’d have been in the team before Geriant Jones.
  • You need a hair cut or a real job!

Any suggestions?

— Mohan


9 responses to “Matt Prior pits Karthik against Dhoni against Yuvraj…

  1. To Vaughan: How about – “So, Why did they drop you from the one day side?”

    I would be inclined to go with standard responses to sledges –
    “Are you really dumb*, or are you just acting?”
    “Where you born dumb* or has it taken years of practise?”

    * – Substitute that with your choice of expletive


  2. It will be good to find out the sledging Aussies used against England to get under their skin.

    England team in general is very weak in playing leg spin. Shane Warne made a career of spinning out – 5-fer and 6-fer – the Pommies. Kumble is not able to do the same magic ?

  3. sampath kumar

    It is a sad day when you blokes suggest sledging as a weapon. The game of cricket is between bat and ball–and good, clean tactics.

    After playing cricket for over 25 years and umpiring for 12 years ie nearly 250 games, in my opinion, good and talented players do not need to resort to sledging to win. Once a player takes his eyes off the game, it is his game that will suffer. And, the concentration of the umpires waver, when they have to ‘police” the behaviour of offending players.
    Just because the Aussies do it, it doesn’t mean that others follow it. Most of them have talent to go with it.

    Two WONGS don’t make a WHITE.

  4. I’m perfectly happy with banter-like ‘sledging’. I don’t like abusive nonsense. The stuff Mohan has is pretty harmless.

  5. Sam, point well made.

    As I have indicated on this blogsite (and in the post itself), I am not a fan of sledging, but it happens. Everyone does it. Even the Bangladeshis do it. It is a ‘weapon’ that gives teams that little extra. May as well accept it and move on. When you started playing cricket, helmets weren’t in vogue. Today they are. Ten years ago, I didn’t have a mobile phone. Today we do. Times have changed.

    Is sledging part of crickets’ progress? Or is it a backward step? That’s another debate for another day.

    However, my point is that Indians are terrible at the sledging game — either dishing it out or receiving it. It is a facet of the game that takes the edge off their game.

  6. Perhaps we need a sledging coach. Any Aussie will do!! 🙂

  7. sampath kumar

    Sorry Vish–Indians don’t need Aussies to teach sledging–
    Ask any tamil in bangalore or Mumbai or Delhi OR ask any Sindhi in Chennai or Bangladeshi refugees in any part of India and they will tell all about SLEDGING—most of the time, below the belt variety!!!– unfortunately, not so clever ones that one hears on the cricket field!!!! There are more pauline hansons amongst region based and religion based political parties which is the cause of discrimination in DEMOCRACY INDIA!!

    Indians do it everyday in all aspects of life–including advertising for brides and bridegrooms with FAIR COMPLEXION!!

  8. man screw the england team.. we (India team) should just go and give there all in the field and beat the chutiyas like crazy, then lets see wad they say

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