Test 2 Day 4 – What’s in store for India?

India is in a good position after Day 3 –  there is no doubt about that. It could have been better, but that is another story.

So, how could the day pan out? There are obviously many scenarios, but here is one from an England supporter’s point of view –

The weather prediction has been good and we can expect to see 90 overs being bowled today. The humidity will be low and the swing will not be as pronounced as it was on day 1. If England play out the entire day and score at 3.3 runs per over, they can get to add around 300 runs by the end the day with a lead of close to 60 runs. This is of course still not enough – We need to keep wickets intact and bat out the entire morning session tomorrow to ensure that we do not lose. The opening partnership will be very crucial, but Peitersen is a key player – if he scores quick, he can take the game away from India. If we set India a target over 150, we stand a very good chance on a fifth day pitch…

And one from an Indian supporter’s point of view –

The English are playing to save the match, whereas India are playing to win it. They will come out with a defensive mind set, while India will attack. We may not be able to get the kind of swing we got on day 1, but the English have Kumble to reckon with on a 4th day pitch.

England need at least 500 runs in the second innings to think about beating India. Even if they make 300 today, they will have to play the entire morning session and score around 130 runs to be on the safe side. This is not going to happen. Bottom line is that India is in an unassailable position – they cannot lose the game…

 Personally, I think it is just going to be a great day of cricket. It doesn’t matter how many sessions India have won so far (Mohan had the score at India 5, England 2), but how many they are going to win from now on.


One response to “Test 2 Day 4 – What’s in store for India?

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