English press on India England "gamesmanship"

India have stood up to England’s bullying – writes Simon Briggs in the Telegraph. This is what he has to say –

India used to be a deferential sort of team, and a soft touch on foreign soil. But that was before the arrival of Sourav Ganguly, the man with the thickest skin in cricket. He turned them into a more streetwise, self-confident crew, and in this series they have stood up to England’s bullying tactics and then replied in kind.

Time to clamp down on gamesmanship, writes David Hopps in The Gauardian. He writes –

England’s approach to unsettling the Indians was inappropriate, and what’s more, it failed miserably

Sreesanth living dangerously in role of pantomime villain, writes Richard Hobson in The Times. He writes –

If Sreesanth has an inner conflict between war and peace, then the dark side scored an innings victory yesterday. This Test match has passed acrimoniously, with Sreesanth a match for any of the loudmouths in the middle in the misbehaviour stakes

Hobson was also critical of the English team:

Indeed, England have become so aggressive these past weeks that it would have been no surprise had batsmen emerged yesterday wearing knuckle-dusters in place of gloves or if Pietersen had added more tattoos to his collection, with “love” scratched on the back of one hand and “hate” on the other.


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