Daily Archives: 3 August 2007

The Optimist dismisses the ‘short ball’ theory.

Pessimist: Trying to get 70 odd runs India lost 3 wickets to balls bowled short of length. It clearly shows a deficiency against the rising ball and this will show up in the 3rd test.
Optimist: Indians have had a deficiency against the rising ball for decades now. But they still won a number of tests abroad. In fact they have won the most after Australia and nobody prevented the bowlers from using the short ball.
Pessimist: So what about the 3 wickets that fell?
Optimist: Please remember that there was no pressure on the Indians. The same kind of bowling on th 1st day of a test match will be different. Batsmen will be ducking and weaving. This will result in bowlers spraying the new ball, wasting it and losing their line and length.
Pessimist: But Tremlett has bounce and control?
Optimist: Where was it all this while? Did he not play in the England Lions game? Did he not play the 1st and 2nd tests. Did he suddenly discover this only the last innings of the 2nd test? He could have bowled short and got everyone out in the 1st innings itself. The point is there was no pressure on Tremlett also. So he was having an exaggerated net bowl!
Pessimist: So do you think the Indians can play the short ball?
Optimist: Of course they can. If India win the toss and bat first at the Oval and the English try to bounce them out, they will be in for a rude shock. Karthik will just continue ducking. Bowlers need to bowl a consistent line to get control. If they keep banging it in, it is easier for the batsmen.

— Sanjay

India Coach Search…

Sharad Powar, the BCCI President, said that although the hunt for a coach for Team India was still on, he was confident that the players were handling the situation quite well. “What would a coach teach to players like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly?,” he thundered and continued with this pearl, “They have played so many matches and made world records and these senior players are also good coach for the new comers.

My question then is: Will Dravid, Tendulkar and Ganguly travel to the Twenty20 Cup in South Africa as Coaches/Mentors?

I wonder whether someone — anyone — is really thinking about the coach issue. A young India team without a coach in the Twenty20 tournament — which is just over a month away — could potentially put a lot of pressure on the captain of a relatively young team.

— Mohan