India Coach Search…

Sharad Powar, the BCCI President, said that although the hunt for a coach for Team India was still on, he was confident that the players were handling the situation quite well. “What would a coach teach to players like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly?,” he thundered and continued with this pearl, “They have played so many matches and made world records and these senior players are also good coach for the new comers.

My question then is: Will Dravid, Tendulkar and Ganguly travel to the Twenty20 Cup in South Africa as Coaches/Mentors?

I wonder whether someone — anyone — is really thinking about the coach issue. A young India team without a coach in the Twenty20 tournament — which is just over a month away — could potentially put a lot of pressure on the captain of a relatively young team.

— Mohan


4 responses to “India Coach Search…

  1. My comment is nothing about this topic.

    Today’s Age (the Melbourne based daily) has this on English team’s sledging

    I personally believe the coach is better off instructing their players to tone down their sledging rather than requesting for a volume tone down of the stump microphone. To me, what it means is, what we say is acceptable as long it is not audible to the rest of the world. It is like umpires demanding to black out hawk eye.
    Peter Moores and Vaughan, let the public decide whether the sledging your team does is “just nothing more than gamesmanship” or otherwise.

  2. Sharad Pawar’s comment is shallow or he does not understand Cricket in its present state.

    We need to remind him that Ponting, Gilchrist, McGrath, Warne play for a coach. Muralitharan, Jayasurya, Chaminda Vaas also play for a coach.

    For some reason, modern cricket needs a coach.

    India can disprove this theory – the need for a coach – if they perform well not just this series, but also win the next couple of series. That would raise some questions for other teams on the role of a coach.

  3. no coach is good for the seniors and the board(e), as long as india wins the odd match to keep critics at bay, because then there’s no one to question anything – say, selfish play by a batsman, or the need to bench a non-performing senior. but, having said that, chappell was a real disaster – not just in india but earlier in western australia too – so it’s important to pick the right coach. in fact, ithink the players are playing better partly because they feel more relaxed under borde, who also backed them up with comments like ‘the bowlers had butterflies in their stomach on the first day at lord’s’ 🙂

  4. sampath kumar


    A correction

    Grerg Chappell was a disaster or not successful in South Australia–not W A

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