The Optimist dismisses the ‘short ball’ theory.

Pessimist: Trying to get 70 odd runs India lost 3 wickets to balls bowled short of length. It clearly shows a deficiency against the rising ball and this will show up in the 3rd test.
Optimist: Indians have had a deficiency against the rising ball for decades now. But they still won a number of tests abroad. In fact they have won the most after Australia and nobody prevented the bowlers from using the short ball.
Pessimist: So what about the 3 wickets that fell?
Optimist: Please remember that there was no pressure on the Indians. The same kind of bowling on th 1st day of a test match will be different. Batsmen will be ducking and weaving. This will result in bowlers spraying the new ball, wasting it and losing their line and length.
Pessimist: But Tremlett has bounce and control?
Optimist: Where was it all this while? Did he not play in the England Lions game? Did he not play the 1st and 2nd tests. Did he suddenly discover this only the last innings of the 2nd test? He could have bowled short and got everyone out in the 1st innings itself. The point is there was no pressure on Tremlett also. So he was having an exaggerated net bowl!
Pessimist: So do you think the Indians can play the short ball?
Optimist: Of course they can. If India win the toss and bat first at the Oval and the English try to bounce them out, they will be in for a rude shock. Karthik will just continue ducking. Bowlers need to bowl a consistent line to get control. If they keep banging it in, it is easier for the batsmen.

— Sanjay


12 responses to “The Optimist dismisses the ‘short ball’ theory.

  1. I understand from David Gower’s comment that Oval is a bouncy wicket. It is useful to understand/infer the thought process of your opposition – just like in chess – and you can plan accordingly.

    Assumption 0: Ground staff prepare a good bouncy wicket.

    Assumption 1: England wins the toss. They will insert India on the bouncy wicket.

    Assumption 2: Tremlett or Jimmy Anderson can 4 wickets within 100, with some of the fab 4 back in the dressing room.

    Assumption 3: England can bundle out India within 200.

    Assumption 4: – Crucial – England can score 400 on this wicket – Petersen, Vaughn can score.

    With a 200 run first innings lead, the match is their hands.

  2. @gnbmdr.. I would say those assumptions are hyper-extensions of optimism :). But yes..cant rule out the possibility..we have seen the collapsing capabilities of the Indian batting line-up.
    The oval being a bouncy wicket also usually means that the ball is going to come nicely on to the bat. I frankly dont think the english pace attack has the fire power to get the Indian team into trouble..and definitely not by bowling short balls. Anderson was listless in the second test and he seemed lost out ther. The indians have the momentum and I have to totally agree with Sanjay sir being an optimist myself 🙂

  3. there are some questions for Indian think tank on this bouncy / seaming wicket.

    With all the antics – is SreeSanth going to play in the next test or dropped for Romesh Powar ?

    Is Dhoni going to play or Yuvraj ? If Dinesh Karthik can keep the wickets, India can go defensive and chose 7 batsmen and aim for a draw from the start.

    England –

    Jimmy Anderson or Stuart Broad ? Ian Bell or RS Bopara ? Prior or Greant Jones

  4. sampath kumar

    This Dravid is a genius–has given clear indication that Dhoni will play at Oval as a bowling all rounder–why else would Dhoni get to bowl three overs ahead of Yuvaraj–against Sri Lanka A team?

  5. It was interesting that Sachin Tendulkar said, “England bowled without a plan on the last day” (or words to that effect). He was clearly trying to nullify the impact of the 3 wickets that India lost in getting to the victory target.

    We can talk as much as we want about the 3 wickets that India lost.

    However, all one needs to do is look at the score board. It reads: India-1 England-0.

    Nuff said on that. In fact, nothing else needs to be said.

    Do we think that England discovered the short-ball ONLY in the second innings at Trent Bridge? Gimme a break. The short-ball has been around since day-dot!

    The score is 1-0. Bring it on at the Oval…

    I somehow don’t think India will change the playing XI that won at Trent Bridge. The gap in play may help Sree Santh sort his mind out. Moreover, the view from England is that Karthik wasn’t any better behind the stumps in the tour match against SL-A. He dropped catches and fluffed stumpings. At least Dhoni did not miss catches…-

  6. Random thoughts –

    Mike Atherton has called for SreeSanth banned for one match for his antics – beamer, 2 foot no-ball, bumping in to Vaughn. My feeling is that since he is dropped for the practice match, he may not play in the 3rd test to make room for Powar.

    Ian Chappell has called “to put a sock in it” for Matt Prior and asked Prior to concentrate on keeping and talking.

    Regarding Dhoni –

    Some intensive wicketkeeping practice for Mahendra Singh Dhoni before the start of the game. Robin Singh, India’s fielding coach, and Greg King, their fitness trainer, conduct drills to improve Dhoni’s collection of throws. After a session lasting more than an hour, where he caught most and missed a few, Dhoni is knackered.

  7. sampath kumar

    Atherton’s call is over the top
    Umpires have clear guidelines in the Law
    If the beamer was looked at as intentional, the Umpire could have taken Sresanth of the attack for the rest of the innings–otherwise, 3 beamers and he is out of the attack

    We need fearless Umpires like Shepherd who took Waquar out of attack in a World Cup final for a beamer.

    50% of the match fee was not enough for other TWO offences–deliberate no ball in bowling a bouncer and certainly deserved 2 or 3 match bans for body contact with Vaughan–but as I have said earlier, retired players are match referees and they will NOT punish the players now and lose their lucrative jobs–to make matters worse, R Madugale is the one who presides over the selection and appointment of match referees

  8. Sam,

    Did you call Sree Santh and find out that the no ball he bowled was deliberate? Just wondering if it is your normal rant or if there is more substance this time 🙂


  9. sampath kumar

    After your description of my opinion as a RANT, I don’t know why I am wasting my time typing this rubbish!!!!!!

    You have to be blind freddie—oops—Kittappa—not to put 2 plus 2 and get the answer
    Sreesanth was a lunatic that day—off the rocker—umpires anticipate this kind of behaviour from some cricketers–that was deliberate , to get closer to Colingwood and Faster–after all, it is only one run penalty!!!! After being hit for 4 or 6, the ones with nothing between the ears will try a bouncer or beamer–most Umpires will take extra care of the front foot!!!!!Invariably, the bowlers oblige the Umpire!!!!D K Lillee would have tried a YORKER!!!!
    That Man and his supporters seem to have short fuse and a victim mentality!!!!!
    Atherton may be looking at Sreesanth as the one capable of bouncing legal balls at Oval–and that is why he wants sresanth NOT selected!!!!!

  10. sampath kumar

    By the way, please forward the phone numbers of all the Team India players, coaches, managers, their wives, girl friends, in0laws, mistresses—in case I have to call them!!!!!

  11. my own feeling is that the short pitch stuff on the last day was donald’s psyching – and that we’re falling for it. more on this here – let’s not get psyched out

  12. I am not sure why we are so worried about the short ball as if it was mysteriously discovered on that last day at Nottingham! It wasn’t. Just as swing bowling wasn’t discovered on the first day at Nottingham!

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