Ian Chappell’s take on Jellygate…

Writing on Cricinfo, Ian Chappell thinks that it wasn’t just one person that dropped the jelly beans on the pitch at Nottingham, thereby opening the sluice gates on Jellygate.

Ian Chappell thinks that the entire England team threw the offending jelly beans in the direction of Matt Prior, in an effort to just shut him up!

Matt Prior has been at the receiving end of a lot of flak from the press lately, with Michael Henderson’s article in The Telegraph taking the cake. He calls Prior a “buffoon” and asks him to “grow up“!

Chappell, the master sledger himself, asks Matt Prior to “put a sock in it” and asks the England gloveman to “lower his personal chat volume and raise his standards“.

I never thought I’d see the day when Ian Chappell was pushed into writing, “The more talk that is allowed on the field the more likely it is that something personal will be said. If a player is verbally accosted at the wrong moment there is the likelihood of fisticuffs on the field…

— Mohan

4 responses to “Ian Chappell’s take on Jellygate…

  1. Mohan,

    Ian Chappell is the head and face of cricket commentary for Indian Pay TV
    He is following in the footsteps of Tony Greig in sucking up to his masters–and you are surprised!!!

    And Bedi will be happy that at least this Chappell with WHITE skin is supporting the Indians against the POMs–but then which Aussie wouldn’t?

  2. every time we target the writer rather than the writing, we expose a lack of thought. both chappell and henderson have written excellent pieces.

  3. It is amazing the morality that sets in as soon as a player retires.

    Talk about sportsmanship and it was ian who asked trevor to throw an underarm ball a bigger disgrace than a few jelly beans !

  4. Twenty20,
    It was Greg, not Ian.
    Generally, Ian has a reputation of being tough as nails on the field and just off it.

    In my opinion, (for whatever it is worth) Ian Chappell and Boycott are two people who are unbiased in their cricketing outlook.

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