Coach-search saga…

India’s coach-search travails continue with the BCCI finally admitting that it was going to advertise for the post! It admitted that it had reached this decision “after its informal attempts ended in failure”! Blind Freddie could have told the Board that that was exactly where its informal and arrogant approach was going to lead it to!

As expected, the coach will not be appointed before the Twenty20 World Cup! The T20 team will be managed by Lalchand Rajput, current India-A coach and ex-Mumbai player. Of course, the coach had to be a Mumbai-player. That was established way back in the selection (non)process. Could the BCCI not find another 70-year-young ex-Mumbai player to manage the team?

Should the search committee not resign for the abject mess that it has landed Indian cricket in?

Where is the accountability in this whole process?

I am reasonably certain that these committee members won’t be able to organise a booze party in a brewery, leave alone organsing the process for selecting a national team coach!

— Mohan


3 responses to “Coach-search saga…

  1. “Of course, the coach had to be a Mumbai-player. ” and that means what exactly?

    Why the disrespect for Mumbai?

  2. It is obvious that BCCI and indian cricket has the infamous Mumbai connection. Take the look that decision maker

    Sharad pawar, Niranjan shah, Ratnaker shetty all associated with mumbai. Who is the Selector Vensarkar ex mumbai.

    This coach theory is total BS. Manager is the way to go, like the football clubs in Premiere leagues.

  3. “infamous Mumbai connection”???

    Sir, we have done more for Indian cricket than all of India combined.

    It will be instructive to count the number of coaches in Ranji Trophy who are ex Mumbai players. It will be equally instructive to count the number of ex-Mumbai players who are plying their trade for other teams.

    And I havent even started on the Mumbai players ( past and current) who have represented India with such aplomb on the International stage.

    There is no other geography the size of Mumbai that comes even close.

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