In an earlier article, I spoke about the importance of partnerships. Here is a comparison of both the Indian and England Partnerships.

Wicket India England
1 62 12
2 127 66
3 10 41
4 77 5
5 78 78
6 63 86
7 91 15
8 62 2
9 21 0
10 73 21*

The eight 50+ partnerships that India put up is of course a World record and we can’t expect it to happen in every innings, but it tells a tale of a great team effort. Given the choice of great centuries from two or three top players or a team effort like this, I know which one I’d prefer – Consolidated team effort over individual brilliance.


4 responses to “Partnerships

  1. For a change, the parts of the Indian team have added up to the whole

  2. on the 4th day, after deciding not to enforce the follow-on, , India tumbled to 3 for 11–looks like the batsmen didn’t remember that,”consolidated team effort over individual performance’ is the motto for Team India!!

    Madras born Nasser Hussain agrees with the decisionby Dravid not to enforce the follow on–I wonder if he has dual citizenship!!!!

  3. Sampath, no he doesn’t have dual-citizenship but perhaps he is after that lucrative Indian-TV contract that you would so dearly love to have, but can’t 🙂

  4. I hope the Indian bowling comes up with the equivalent of its 1st Innings batting – everyone chipping in with a couple of wickets to take the match 🙂

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