ICL: Who’s in, Who’s out

The ICL has been busy signing up players. Apart from Brian Lara, Imran Farhat and Maravan Attapatu are also said to have signed up. It has been reported in the NZ Herald Sun and CricInfo that Nathan Astle, Chris Cairns and Stephen Fleming from NZ are being targeted. The Dawn newspaper and Daily Times have reported about ICL having made offers/signed up the likes of Razzaq, Inzi, Azhar Mahmood, Mohd. Yousuf and Mohd. Asif.

Apart from this, several former players, like McGrath and Warne have expressed interest although they are yet to sign up. In fact, after showing initial interest, Warne is now unlikely to join in. We know for a fact that some players have turned down the ICL offer: Justin Langer, Damien Martin, Shoaib Akthar and Afridi are some of the names.

The international players will only constitute a small portion of ICL. The majority will come from domestic cricket and a whole bunch of players from Hyderabad and UP have already reportedly joined in. The first former Indian player to have joined the league is Sridharan Sriram.

Kapil Dev has promised to reveal all the names in a week’s time, but here are the confirmed names so far –

  • Ambati Rayudu, Hyderabad
  • Vinay Kumar, Hyderabad
  • Anirudh Singh, Hyderabad
  • Ibrahim Khalil, Hyderabad
  • Shashank Nag, Hyderabad
  • K Reddy, Hyderabad
  • IS Reddy, Hyderabad
  • Alfred Abbalam, Hyderabad
  • Absolem, UP
  • Ali Murtaza, UP
  • Shalabh Srivastava, UP
  • V. Devendran, TN
  • Sridhar Sriraman, Maharashtra/TN/India
  • Brian Lara, WI
  • Imran Farhat, Pakistan

People who have refused to take the offer (for now):

  • Shoaib Akthar
  • Afridi
  • Damien Martyn
  • Justin Langer
  • Badani

People who have been rumoured to have been approached/signing up:

  • JP Yadav, Railways/India
  • Amol Mazumdar and Nilesh Kulkarni from Mumbai
  • Attapatu, Russel Arnold, Upul Chandana, Zoysa, Jayasurya and Vaas from Sri Lanka
  • Fleming, Bond, Cairns, Astlen from NZ
  • Inzi, Razzaq, Mohd. Yousuf, Asif, Azhar Mahmood


4 responses to “ICL: Who’s in, Who’s out

  1. Most of those who have signed are either retired, close to retirement, and who have no chance to play for India .

    So surprised that players like Rayudu and Devendran has signed up.

    Wondering how the teams will be organized….something like Red,Blue,Green.
    In that case will there be crowd involvement. Indian crowd generally identifies with a team ( national or state).I wonder what will the basis for crowd support. But if ICL has enough money to buy all major players…. well , bye bye BCCI.

  2. This ICL is for the TV audience, not much for the crowd. Those who come, are supposed to have a party atmosphere at ground. Let us see how much get attracted!

  3. ICL will shelter all those players, who have either retired and want to make more money or players who feel they didn’g get a fair chance they deserved.
    Players like Ambati will anyways be banned by
    BCCI and will never be able to play for India.
    I’m sure the senior players in present Indian team who are due for retirement will start endorsing ICL once they retire.

    I don;t two such cricket governing bodies can co exist in India. The friction between these two will only ruin the future of the game in this country.

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