After the Sachin dismissal yesterday Ian Chappell kept saying that Sachin would get a call and a few words from the match referee. Apparently he thought that Sachin, brushing off his arm guard first, and then waving his hand and giving a wry smile to the umpire constituted dissent in HIS opinion.

Firsty the incident. Sachin was GIVEN out off a ball that brushed his arm guard. Sachin brushed his arm guard but never showed it to the umpire. So Mr Chappell was wrong there first. Secondly Sachin was clearly disappointed at being given out and just waved his hand. Sourav did the same thing in the Test series as have done numerous other players in numerous other games. I really fail to understand how some things get magnified suddenly in the eyes of the high and mighty commentators like Ian Chappell.

Of course the ICC does not have any regulations for bowlers regarding dissent. A bowler appeals and if it is turned down can groan, whinge, clutch his hair, shout out a few abuses to the batsmen, grab his sweater from the umpire, but those are just expressions of disappointment. After all dissent is a term only meant for batsmen. It is the batsmen who have to set an example for sporting behaviour!

— Sanjay

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