Try a pinch hitter!

After the third game loss I was thinking of the above topic when I saw this post on Cricinfo arguing for sending Dhoni at no 3. Definitely a sound move but it should be done also keeping in mind the situation of the game and the nature of the wicket. Both Bristol and the last game were ideal for Dhoni to go in at 3. But my point is slightly different. Send in Powar as a pinch hitter. Of course this should not be done when India bat first on a good batting wcket. BUt in case Dravid decides to send th opposition in, and if they do get a 250+ score and we lose an early wicket, especially Tendulkar, then just send in Powar to hit. Afterall the last game was ac ase where the captain ahd misread the pitch, the team had fielded badly, and we lost an early wicket. Perfect time to gamble on a pinch hitter. The only porblem with sending Dhoni in at 3 is, he is too valuable when playing 5 bolwers. In case we played 4 bowlers and the extra batsman, then Dhoni would be great to send in.

— Sanjay

4 responses to “Try a pinch hitter!

  1. Sanjay, I actually like the idea of sending Dhoni in at No. 3. He is not your typical pinch hitter ( who comes in and just whacks the ball), nor is he the typical No. 3 like a Dravid or a Ponting. He usually likes to play slow the first 10-15 balls, get set and then play his strokes. The longer he stays at the crease, the higher he scores. Remember he once opened the innings and ended up with a score in the high hundreds…

    Re: Pawar – Do you think he can hit over the top? I know someone like Zaheer or Agarkar(huh?) can, plus losing their wicket wouldn’t really matter – but I still don’t think that would be a good move. I basically think we don’t have a so called “pinch hitter”. Happy to be proven wrong, though 🙂

  2. Powar has actually opened a few times for Mumbai and scored runs. Afterall it is only a gamble! Dhoni definitely is a good option but I still think it is a bigger risk when playing a batsman short.

  3. dhoni has too much potential as a batsman to be sacrificed as a pinchhitter. a bowler who can throw his bat about makes an ideal pinchhitter. we only have agarkar who can do that, but he can’t hold his place in the side any more. pawar has never replicated his domestic batting at the international level. under the circs, best for dravid to go in at three and play normal cricket, instead of wasting a wicket.

  4. I think Powar should bat with his red goggles on! That’s the only way he could connect bat to ball. On the evidence of what I have seen so far, the bat in his arm is only an instrument with which to swat mosquitoes! 🙂

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