I told you so…

I had earlier written that India was going to lose the one-day series. India took another step to confirm what I already knew by losing the fourth one day from a very good position.

England have looked the stronger team in the competition so far and have exposed all of India’s weaknesses. The die hard Indian fan will say that India can still take the next three games to win the series. But we have to be practical here: the most likely result for this series is England 5, India 2.

To try and make a series out of this, India will have to try a few different things:

  • Promote Dhoni to No.3 or maybe even open the batting with him
  • Bring Powar in to bowl his overs early: Maybe even in the first “powar”play
  • With Zaheer being doubtful, bring in Uthappa and maybe even Rohit Sharma for Karthik. We would then have to go with just 4 bowlers. Rohit, Yuvraj, Ganguly and Sachin will have to fill in the fifth bowler slot.

It is time India stopped being conservative and tried something new. It is better to go down fighting than to surrender meek…



One response to “I told you so…

  1. Zaheer is not going to play. Yuvraj/Dravid will come at No. 3. Karthik will probably come at No. 5 or No. 6.

    4 bowlers – Agarkar, RP Singh, Chawla and Powar. I do not think there is any point in playing Munaf Patel. Rohit Sharma or Uthappa will play the next match.

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