Wanted: Coach for Indian Cricket Team

I’ve been quite busy the last couple of weeks (the quality and quantity of my posts in this blog are probably a testament to it 🙂 ) and I didn’t really read through the statement that BCCI put out  last week for recruiting a coach for the Indian team – until today.

In case prospective coaches are looking at our blog ( 🙂 ) rather than at the official ICC site or news sites elsewhere, here are the details about the roles and responsibilities:

a) Working closely with the selection committee and interacting periodically with the review committee to be set up by the Board
b) Should have the ability to plan and manage programs for the elite cricketers
c) Should be capable of building positive relations with the public and media
d) Should be capable of motivating players and thus helping them to optimise their performances at all times
e) Should be familiar with the use of performance analysis software packages
f) Should be available to conduct clinics and workshops for the local coaches
g) Should have excellent communicating skills as he is required to communicate at different levels like players, team management, selectors and the board
h) Should be capable of providing the team with tactical expertise

a) Should be a qualified coach with minimum level III coaching accreditation from Cricket Australia, England or India
b) Should have played at least level of first-class cricket
c) Extensive coaching experience and expertise in working with elite cricketers
d) Should possess basic IT skills to be able to operate the match analysis program
e) Should have been a coach of an international or national team or a coach at an elite coaching centre of international repute
f) Should have basic knowledge of Indian cricket, Indian player pathway and Indian culture and ethos
g) Should have basic knowledge of Sports Science and Sports Medicine
h) Should be capable of handling the team under high pressure situations
i) Should possess outstanding organizational skills
j) Should have knowledge of international coaching trends
k) Should have experience in using video technology

a) The appointment as coach shall be for a period of two years, starting from October 1, 2007
b) The job requires a great deal of time away from home traveling with the Indian team both in India and abroad
c) Terms and conditions are negotiable

BCCI have set the last date for applying for the position as 15th of September (which curiously is a Saturday), but what I found really funny was one of the e-mail addresses to apply to at the end of the statement : cricketborad@gmail.com

What?  “cricketborad“? Maybe the person typing it out was really bor-ed or maybe Niranjan Shah thinks of himself as the Borat of Indian Cricket. Or maybe they’ve transcribed the word as it is pronounced in certain parts of India and they really wanted it to be ciricketborad, but someone made a typo 😉

In any case, you would expect a board that has its coffers full to the brim to have their own domain, and not use a free e-mail service.


3 responses to “Wanted: Coach for Indian Cricket Team

  1. I sent an email to cricketborad@gmail.com just now and did not receive a bounced message!

    Duh! cricketBORAD?

    Nicely picked Mahesh…

    And a GMAIL account? Seriously…

    I said in my email that I was VERY interested in coaching the Indian team. I also said that IF I were successful in scoring an interview, I’d nominate gnbmdr as coach instead!

    I feel a sketch coming on!

    Watch this space!! 🙂

  2. Mohan – You may be interested in the coaching job, but can you handle BCCI’s “un”professionalism??

    Actually, I am quite surprised that wasn’t documented as a requirement. I think they should add this to Section II

    l) Should be capable of handling BCCI no matter how unprofessional they are.

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