Daily Archives: 14 September 2007

Dravid resigns!

In breaking news, Dravid resigns as captain of the Indian team. The rest of the year for Indian cricket is not going to be easy with tough tours of Pakistan and Australia ahead. A new coach and a new captain aren’t going to make things any easier.

So, lets look at the candidates most likely to replace Dravid –

Ganguly: There is no denying the fact that Ganguly is a great leader and India played some of its best cricket under his captaincy. Since his comeback he has also become an integral part of the team and with Greg Chappell out of the way, he will once again have supreme power over this team. But he only has one or two years left in his career and naming him captain would only be a short term thing.

Tendulkar: Tendulkar was made vice-captain for the Test team. This does not mean he is a captain in waiting. Tendulkar has in the past admitted that he did not enjoy the captaincy when he had it. Whether he has changed his mind about it in the final years of his career remains to be seen.

Laxman: Laxman would have actually made a good captain, but he still finds himself in and out of the team. If he is made captain, it will only be a short term solution like Ganguly and Tendulkar.

Dhoni: Dhoni has been made the one day captain and the selectors may decide to make him the test captain too. IMHO, this would be a bad move. Making a wicket keeper as a captain will only work as a stop gap arrangement – the burden of wicket keeping, batting and captaining would be too much to handle.

Yuvraj: Like Laxman, he still is not a regular member of the test team.

Sehwag: Until a year back, Sehwag would have been the most likely person to be the next captain. With lack of form, he has been dropped from the team. But, if he proves himself in the T20 tournament, there is still a very strong chance that he may not only find himself back in the team, but also as a candidate for a leadership position (vice-captain or even captain)

There is also the outside chance of naming someone like Kumble, but it is quite clear that India did not have a clear accession plan/vision with respect to captaincy or even if they had it just hasn’t worked out – In my opinion, naming Tendulkar as a deputy starting with the Bangladesh tour was actually a backward step. 

With not too many options open currently, the captaincy may just fall back to either Ganguly or Tendulkar and the selectors may choose eithe Dhoni or Sehwag as a vice-captain (and get him back in to the team). Not very good moves, but probably the only ones they can make in the current scenario.

Would be interesting to see if the selectors do get bold and name a completely new captain. We have a few interesting days ahead of us (and I am not referring to the Twenty20 matches).