Alternatives to the bowl out

I like the idea that there should be no ties in the T20 format. But is the bowl out the the best solution. Yesterday for instance as the bowl out was going to begin, I kep commenting about how it would be impossible for bowlers to miss the stumps and that it was a ridiculous idea. But the Pakistanis did miss and India hit. But then I started thinking of some other methods. Now in football for instance we do have the concept of extra time. Extra time is where both teams have an equal opportunity to play the game as they would normally. Bringing this into cricket I think we should have the following format.

Extra time

1. Both teams get to bat a maximum of 5 overs per side. Afterall 30 minutes of extra time in a soccer game is one third of the total time.

2. There should be a toss to decide who bats or bowls first.

3. Each bowler will get a maximum of 1 over.

4. There will be a power play of 1 over.

5. Rules for victory remain the same as in the regular game.

This way both the batsmen and bowlers get the chance to participate in the tie breaker.

Hit out

Here is another alternative to the bowl out.

5 different bowlers each bowl one ball. They will be faced by 5 different opposing batsmen.The only chances of scoring are boundaries, sixes, wides and no balls. The team that scoresmost runs wins.

— Sanjay


2 responses to “Alternatives to the bowl out

  1. Why dont we bring in the Golden Goal concept?

  2. The extra time idea will not work when it rains and the match is washed out..The hit out will probably have the same problem.

    With a bowl out, I suppose you can still bowl if it is raining.

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