Is it really a tie?

The first instance of a tie in Test cricket was the famous Brisbane match between Australia and the West Indies. It was even released as a film and reading or watching it always gave me the impression that West Indies had won the match. But it was a tie wasn’t it? Why were only Windies celebrating and not the Aussies? Simple, a tie is a victory for the bowling side. It means that they managed to prevent the batting side from winning. Fast forward to the Chepauk tie between India and Australia, the Aussies were jumping with joy as if they had won the World Cup. Yesterday was again a classic case of India feeling just one up because they prevented Pakistan from winning. The nature of the game is such that everytime there is a tie, even though the teams were matched evenly, even though the scores are level, even though nothing can separate the teams at the end of the game, the bowling side celebrates, and emerges as a moral victor!

— Sanjay


3 responses to “Is it really a tie?

  1. Sanjay

    Good point…

    You are right in that a tie is more often than not celebrated by the bowling team because they may feel that they prevented the batting team from winning. Even if a batting team hits a 4 off the last ball to tie the match, the batsmen may be left with that lost-opportunity feeling that a six may have sealed a win! The only time I can think of where a batting team may celebrate a tie would be if a batsman hits a six off the last ball to tie the game! This is a rare occurrence. No wonder we see bowling teams celebrating a ties more…

    — Mohan

  2. I hadn’t thought about that. Well said, Sanjay 🙂

  3. Conversely, if the scores are level and if the fielding side hasn’t taken all the ten second innings wickets, then the batting side should be the winners!!!

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