Why not Kumble as Test captain

While the names of Dhoni, Tendulkar and Ganguly are thrown up has leading candidates for the captaincy, I am surprised that Kumble’s name hasn’t popped up for the Test captaincy – at least I haven’t come across in the media.

We have seen how the batting of the ‘big-three’ have been affected by captaincy. Why shouldn’t we think out-of-the box and appoint a bowler as the Test captain.

Kumble brings to the table unmatched experience, skill, work ethic and match winning ability. Agreed that his leadership qualities are unproven as also the ability to handle the professional (read ECB, CA) with the juvenile (read BCCI, Indian press) with equal suave. But so is the case with Dhoni who cannot claim to have the same qualities of Kumble just yet.

In my opinion Dhoni needs more tests (at least away tours) backed by performance under his belt while Sehwag needs to re-establish himself to be considered.

Perhaps there is a perception that Kumble his past his use-by day as a captain owing to his age. Kumble possibly has two years left and as a captain he can leave his mark on Indian cricket if he can bring in some of the aggression and the yearning for perfection that marks him out. Dhoni can be his understudy until he can pick up the reins when Kumble leaves.

Ian Chappell has said that leading India for two years is equivalent to leading Australia for four years while Dravid has said that Indian captaincy has a definite shelf-life and in his case, two years; and lets face it, two years is a long time in Indian cricket. So why rush Dhoni or fall back on Tendulkar or Ganguly who have both left their imprints already? Let us look forward for fresher ideas. Vote for Kumble!

My Pick:
Test Captain – Kumble; Test Vice captain – Dhoni
ODI Captain – Dhoni; ODI Vice captain – Karthik
Twenty20 Captain – Dhoni

– Vish


3 responses to “Why not Kumble as Test captain

  1. If we were to sit and decide on a Captain logically, then Kumble is a very good candidate.

    Unfortunately, Indians, including yours truly, have never been logical when it comes to cricket.

  2. The CricInfo article does talk about Kumble.

    There is nothing not to like about him – he is an all round nice guy (like Dravid), gritty and a genuine team player. Remember Kumble coming out to play with a bandaged jaw?…now that is what I call commitement to the team cause. He is definitely an option…

    I hope making him captain doesn’t adversely affect the batting form of the only century maker on the England tour 😉

  3. Hey good thought.
    I think he deserve it. He has been a great servant of Indian cricket. A true match winner for India especially in TESTs.

    Still, he is one of the unsung heroes in indian cricket history.
    Now its time to admire his work and commitment by handling him the captaincy. Also, he has nothing to lose. So, no harm in trying him out.

    My Pick:
    Test Captain – Kumble; Test Vice captain – Dhoni
    ODI Captain – Dhoni; ODI Vice captain – YUVRAJ
    Twenty20 Captain – Dhoni

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