Sreesanth fined…

Sreesanth was fined 25% of his match fee for excessive appealing in the T20 semi-final. And the entire Indian team has been fined for its slow over rate, having bolwed one over short of its quota in the allowed time in the same game. All players were docked 5% for this offence while M. S. Dhoni wore a 10% levy on his match fee.

The adjudicating referee was Chris Broad… Enuf said!

Sreesanth did carry on like a pork chop in that particular appeal. I will be the first to admit that. But I am sure the same referee may have said, “It is good to see young players showing such controlled aggression on the field. We do not want to deveop robots but players that play with passion”, or some such nonsensical and radom string of cliched platitudes if it had been a Brett Lee or a Shane Bond that had carried on in the same manner.

This is not persecution complex speak, although I am leaving myself open to such an interpretation/judgement. However, I have seen many a referee turn a blind eye to similar ‘shows of dissent’ providing the “passion-robot” argument as cover.

I was watching the game with a friend of mine and we debated Sreesanth’s aggression mid-way through the game.

As I have said before on several occasions on this blogsite, I am not a fan of sledging. I do not believe sledging should have a place in world cricket. However, it does exist and it is not a scourge that is going to go away. I am comfortable to accept that.

In this landscape, we talked about whether or not Sreesanth should “be changed”. I personally think not. For two reasons. I do not believe it should be either necessary, or indeed possible, to change a John McEnroe into a Bjorn Borg. Indeed, it would be wrong. Each player derived their energy from their manner and to straight-jacket one would be both wrong as well as harmful to the player. Sressanth is an atypical Indian bloke. He wears his heart on his sleeve and demonstrates his passions and emotions externally. That is where he derives his energy from. So, just as each of the fingers of our hands are different, we should try and tolerate this difference that exists. The South Africans do and this allows them to tolerate and accept Andre Nel and Jacques Kallis in the same team. The former would rather spend the rest of his life in a night club while the latter treats the cricket field as though it were a monastry! In my view, Indians should learn to tolerate and indeed celebrate this difference too even though it breaks the mould as well as the stereotype that “we” are used to. And of course, even that stereotype is changing. As India herself changes into a more progressive and world-aware nation that demands to be heard on the world-stage, her people are changing too. So cultural stereotypes will change — perhaps even in our own lifetime — and Sreesanth is perhaps the first of this new generation.

Of course, the player in question would look silly if he carried on like a pork chop without either the talent or the results that would be necessary and required to back it. Even though I personally do not like too much carry-on on the field — and that is my personal opinion on this matter — I am not suggesting that each player be delivered a straight-jacket along with his cap on debut. I would be happy to let each player be his own, but they would need to show results on the field for the team and they should not let the team down with their antics. And in my view, apart from that one afternoon of madness in England, Sreesanth is doing just that — he is delivering results for the team.

And so, in my view, rather than jump up and down and deliver a straight-jacket to Sreesanth because his antics clash with our own personal frames of reference (and I say this because a lot of ex-cricketers have tried to do just that) we should learn to tolerate this difference. Who knows? Over time we may even celebrate it!

— Mohan

9 responses to “Sreesanth fined…

  1. Sreesanth hasn’t helped himself with the reputation he has established. Neither has Chris Broad of course.

    But Broad has the authority, and Sreesanth persists in being stupid…. so its a case of a talented bowler shooting himself in the foot yet again, inspite of having been shown plenty of leniency by the ICC Referees and plenty of support and plenty of advice from his own team.

    There is an example next door – of Shoaib, i just hope Sreesanth is aware of how a really fine talent can be ruined because he can’t keep his crap together…..

  2. I don’t think this has anything to do with personality.

    It has to do with Sreesanth’s relationship with the rules of the game….. not with the rules of civility.

    In recent years (thanks in large part to Mike Denness and BCCI), the referees have been quite fair across the board.

  3. Mohan,
    Re Sreesanth and others all over the globe that behave like him

    T V coverage is to blame—they are all artists on stage

    Last night, apart from the cricket, I watched davis Cup match Serbia vs Australia–just the see the news to see how World No 3 Djorkovic is behaving—one will say it is patriotic exuberance–others will say moronic–yet the Umpires and Referees have to make sure that any game is played for the enjoyment of everyone involved

    All sportsmen and women are arseholes–some are worse than others

    Apart from TV exposure, there can be any one of or combination of 101 reasons

    McEnroe got away with it–a million dollar man vs a referee getting 100 dollars a match then–now the entire world is paying for it

    some of 101 reasonslack of parental guideline in the formative years

    tribal mentality

    animal / basic instinct

    victim mentalikty

    perceived persecution

    national parochialism masquerading as patriotism

    lack of self-discipline and / or respect for rules and authority

    misplaced anger

    trying to make a quick buck for things others than talent in the chosen spotr and preparing for life after cricket


    Alcohol induced or effects of withdrawal

    low threshold for tolerance of others

    cultural and religious upbringing does play a part

    in one country, there is an expectation of blind loyalty

    and in the other, people become socioeconomically independent from the age of 14 or 15–employability and money in the pocket

    and / or government hand outs that encourage disinhibited behaviour

    If you can solve all these issues, then we can all sit and clap–” well done, chap!!”

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  5. why does sampath have to give so much crap over all the issues he has no idea about?.. he gets more irritating than the player in discussion!!!

  6. Anirudh Chaudhary

    Do you guys think it is because Chris Broad’s son was hit for 6 sixes by Yuvraj in the last to last match???

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  8. Sreesanth crying before tv cameras was the ugliest sight ever seen by me.
    he is ugly to start with and his crying face did not do very much for his reputation as the bad boy of cricket.

  9. lalit modi is a convicted felon and would not be allowed to vote in usa. he is from a rich family and got away with a slap on the wrist. 400 grams of cocaine is enough to keep a man high for over a month. he should be disbarred from holding any post of public trust.

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