Sreesanth gets under Aussie skins

Malcolm Conn, writing in The Australian — he is not one-eyed, he is just blind(ed) — says of Sreesanth, “The volatile paceman may also face sanction from match referee Chris Broad, who was looking at Sreesanth’s boorish and unnecessary send-off of Hayden after claiming his wicket.

Agreed that that celebration by Sreesanth was a bit over-the-top. But I thought bowlers were allowed to celebrate in any way they can/want as long as it does not lead to abusive behaviour. I do not believe Sreesanth provided Hayden with an abusive send off, although if one were Malcolm Conn and if one was totally pissed off at losing a high-intensity match, one could be lulled into a state where one thought that that was an abusive send off. Moreover, where was Malcolm Conn when Brad Williams, the two-bit player who played but a handful of Test matches for Australia, provided choice send offs to the likes of Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar when India toured Australia last? Perhaps Malcolm Conn was busy looking the other way then? Or maybe he was just totally cheesed off on Saturday night and indulged in some sour grapes. This possible mental-state was further illustrated by this bit, possible written with clenched teeth, “The Indian players were overjoyed with their victory, celebrating wildly as if they’d just won the soccer World Cup.

Peter Roebuck, writing in The Age, has this to say about Sreesanth.

Sreesanth was the bowler of the semi-final, a firebrand antidote to notions that Indians are deferential and that pace bowlers can be found only in the warlike and mountainous north.

Sreesanth comes from Kerala, a state that has not produced many cricketers. He is a hero there, of course, and the selectors are loathe to send him home because he comes back a stone heavier and several yards slower.

The entire article can be found here.

— Mohan


4 responses to “Sreesanth gets under Aussie skins

  1. And BTW, earlier on in the evening, Brett Lee wasn’t being “boorish”. He was merely being aggressive, which is well within his rights of course. That is a Conn-job! 🙂

    — Mohan

  2. Refresh my memorey someone, but was there a fine for Jellybeangate?

  3. Im really enjoying this : sree getting under the skin of those morons.. its nice to give them back the taste of their own medicine..
    I wish India beat the hell outa those aussies next week..


  4. Well its refreshing to see aggression from Indian bowlers like Sreesanth, which they lacked long. Well people may object with the timing of some of his actions. I guess he will refine that with the passage of time and more experience.

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