India T20 World cup champs

What a great final! The match went right down to the wire. Pakistan needed 13 of the last over and Joginder starts with a wide. The next ball is a dot ball. Ball number 2 is full toss hoisted straight down the ground for a 6. Six more needed of 4 balls and Misbah-ul-Haq who had played such a cool innings plays a funny looking shot to hit the ball behind the keeper and Sreesanth takes the catch!

India win the match by 5 runs and are the Twenty20 World cup champs.


4 responses to “India T20 World cup champs

  1. Great win for India. Misbah tried an Ashraful and failed.

  2. A great victory for India. Nail biting finish.
    When Misbah hit a 6 in the last over of Joginder, I thought it was over.

    I am puzzled with the selection of Yousuf Pathan in this match. So, they were going with one less batsman in this match and perhaps 5.5 bowlers. Anyway, since it worked out at the end …

  3. That last over pretty much encapsulated Twenty20…… a bowler delivering it all over the place and a batsman, unwilling to believe that the bowler was basically toothless, digging his own grave by trying to be cute.

    1. Widest wide you’ll ever see
    2. Waist high full toss, goes for a straight six
    3. half-volley outside offstump, caught at fine leg!

  4. So you are a fan of T20 cricket then Karthikeya? 🙂

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