Symonds says…

Symonds has criticized the way the Indians have celebrated. He has obviously been pissed off at the reception that the Indian team got at Mumbai and also the way the team celebrated soon after beating Pakistan in the final.

This is what he had to say –

Something has been sparked inside of me, watching them carry on over the last few days. We have had a very successful side and I think watching how we celebrate and how they celebrate, I think we have been pretty humble in the way we have gone about it.

And personally, I think they have got far too carried away with their celebrations. It has definitely sparked passion inside of us. It has certainly spiced it up as well

Yup. I’ve watched how you guys celebrate, Symonds – like shoving the President of an International Cricket Board out of the stage after winning. If you call that humble celebrations, I would like to know how you would celebrate when you are not.

For a country like India were cricket is the second religion and where the sport hasn’t seen much success, winning the World cup without big name players is a big deal and giving the team a 20km ticker tape welcome is a way of celebrating their success. Don’t tell me there are no ticker tape parades in Australia – I even remember being  in the crowd in this one .

Symonds has also said this –

Something gets triggered inside of you, something is burning inside of you – it is your will for success or your animal instinct that wants to bring another team down. We have been at the top for so long, it is like someone has taken the favourite thing you own from you and you want it back

Now, I can understand that. Australia have been the top side in World cricket and it ought to hurt when you get beaten and I am sure it will stir you up. I am also sure Australia will bounce back, for it has the players and the experience to do so – but I don’t quite understand why you need to bag the way other teams (or nations) celebrate…


8 responses to “Symonds says…

  1. They have become so used to winning, they think they are the only once who deserve to win.

    Welcome to the real world Mr.Symonds!

  2. The Manual of Mental Disintegration
    Chapter 1: How to be an Aussie Cricketer and Get Away With Saying Whatever You Want

  3. Story of “The grapes are sour”.Humility and Aussies?
    From Chappell to Roebuck to even roadside cricketer every australian thinks they know all about Indian cricket and advise us on everything.Oddly enough the Aussies who really took Australian cricket to heights Border and Simpson(the only humble Aussies) have nothing to say.

  4. Its just the matter of time now when Symonds will get reply from the Sachin, Sourav and Dravid. Not to mention Yuvraj and Dhoni.

    Indian players like their bats to do all the talking.
    Believe me, IT WILL DO YET AGAIN.


  5. arrogance, arrogance and arrogance that is what i can describe about the australian team. they think that they are the only best team in the world, but sorry it is not so.
    And symonds its better u come of age.

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  7. Symonds is at best a second rate player carried by the rest of the Aussie team. He needs to say this sort of s##t to be seen as one of the ‘boys’. He is a nothing bowler and his batting average is nothing to write home about.

    As another has already said …sour grapes …

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